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VAT at 25%?!
27 November 2012, 20:43,
RE: VAT at 25%?!
(27 November 2012, 15:14)Prepper1 Wrote: I am merely pointing out that I do not agree with a lot of the Governments actions regarding certain people such as the pensioners etc not receiving free bus passes etc... after a life's hard work and the "we're all in it together" when we're clearly not.

The government does not decide if pensioners get free bus passes. "We're all in it together" is nothing more than a bad sound bite.

What have I done to make me 'all in it together'?

Gone part time. I work as few hours as I can to earn just enough to pay the bills. Stuff any more than that - it will just disappear in tax to pay for national debt or sent abroad or pay some scummers sky bill.

No, I will keep my time for me. I do as I please, and if I have something I can swap, or give some time for something in return that cannot be taxed, I do. We want to pay less tax - do something that cannot be taxed.

I am in it for me and mine.

(27 November 2012, 15:14)Prepper1 Wrote: You cannot blame the people for becoming reliant on a system set up by governments to make the people need them and be therefore become lazy as a result of it.

It's like fetching and carrying for a child, it gets lazy, who's to blame the child or the parent?

It is not blame that is needed, it is a solution. All I know is, if I had a fat dog, rather than discussing who did or did not walk it and who fed it too much, it would get put on a diet and walked more.

Maybe when the dog is thin, I would look back at how it got fat save it happen again.

(27 November 2012, 15:14)Prepper1 Wrote: And how hard is it to implement a working persons discount slip from an employer printed every month with your wage slip with a hologram say,
to give the country's worker on minimum wage a bit of a boost...

Or how about we just do not tax their wages as much, then it does away with bureaucratic involvement in taking money and giving it back in the form of government charity.

(27 November 2012, 15:14)Prepper1 Wrote: Or even a new employment sector distributing and enforcing discounts etc... Ohh look new jobs...
With a bit of thought and work it could work.

Yeah, just what we need, increased state involvement in peoples day to day lives, how they live them and increasing the size of the public sector and the liabilities that brings and increased legislation.

(27 November 2012, 15:14)Prepper1 Wrote: YOU may think they have our best interests at heart with diamonds, uranium deposits back door dealings etc...

I dont.

I've seen, heard done too many things in my life, being told they were for the right reasons only to see when you take a step back and have a long hard look, that they were for somebody else's gain, benefit etc... or to make somebody even more money.

My enemies enemy is my friend. What ever is done, be it for UK PLC, a citizen of, a UK company or any of those of friendly nations - anything done on the international level, as long as it does not support our enemies or damage me and mine, I am fine with.

On a national level, as long as it does not damage me and mine, I am fine with.

The idea that the government is going to have everyone's best interests at heart is ludicrous. I just recognise that the majority of the time, they are not making things deliberately worse.

(27 November 2012, 15:14)Prepper1 Wrote: Lets send the unemployed young there, full board and lodging, what an experience that would be and such a great help imagine that in your c.v.

I know a few people who have done such a thing and it has helped put them on the right track. However, I do not think a free ticket to doing such a thing would help. The big help to them is getting them to have a goal, take steps to realising it then achieving it. It is about taking people and encouraging them to be self motivated to achieve their own goals.

(27 November 2012, 15:14)Prepper1 Wrote: I find it strange you constantly demand proof though, when proof is all around for seeing.

I feel I've met you before in the people that refuse to see things right before their eyes, demanding written proof, names and addresses of witnesses to the facts etc... denying any and all things unless accompanied by black and white facts.

I do not find it strange you find it strange I ask for proof... because the only times I have asked for you to back something up is when it is either a mistruth, a misinterpretation, incorrect or a logical fallacy, conjunction, an argument from ignorance or subjectivist.

To be perfectly honest, it is the arguing style of a NF or BNP recruiter in a pub full of drunks looking for a cause to get angry about.

No personal slight intended by the way, just an observation.

(27 November 2012, 15:14)Prepper1 Wrote: Everbody can see the forest not everybody can see the trees.

And people have the opportunity to look behind the trees for danger, rather than point at the forest shouting 'DANGER, DANGER DO NOT GO IN'.

It astounds me that some one with a prepper mentality would propose or support increase government regulation, increased government spending and an increased civil service. It astounds me further when you say those in receipt of benefit are not to blame, they have been conditioned by the hand that feeds and to get them off benefits we must have more government schemes.


27 November 2012, 21:07,
RE: VAT at 25%?!
Your funny...I like our little battles it amuses me.Wink

I tried to be normal once.... Worst two minutes of my life...

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