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finally started my food storage!
12 December 2012, 22:25,
finally started my food storage!
as the title says, I have finally got some preps in place.
I've only done it 5 times so far (budget, transport etc.) getting as much as i could carry at any one point.

gotta get started on security.
anyone got any low budget ideas that a 17 year old can easily get?
question everything or believe anything
12 December 2012, 22:30,
RE: finally started my food storage!
depends what you mean by securityBig Grin
12 December 2012, 23:43,
RE: finally started my food storage!
I'm in exactly the same situation as you Destiny. You just have to make the best of a less than ideal situation; I'm 17 ,still in full time education and living with family. Every Thursday I take 2.5 shopping bags full of food and supplies home from the market, spending around £15. I'm running out of room under my bed; it builds up quickly if you are consistent.

For Security experience, get involved in the Army Cadets and Explorers (scouts on roids.) It's one of the few places in the UK where you get shooting experience. Through cadets I have learnt small unit tactics, field-craft, shooting, weapons handling, sentry duties etc.

Analyse your local area. Look at OS maps and Google earth. Walk around and explore. You should know your home turf better than your opponent. Think about ways to defend your local area, natural terrain features etc. Also think how you would attack it, and plug those gaps.

You should also condition yourself to be in state yellow mindset at all times; alert to danger, but mostly relaxed.

Think about weapons. Are there guns in the house? Can you use them, clean them, get your hands on them quickly? What about air rifles, bows, crossbows? Get what you can and train with it. I am getting an air rifle via cash purchase from a friend. No paper work, totally off the radar. Next on my list is either a bow or crossbow. Keep your ears to the ground for opportunities to obtain hardware. Mentally prepare yourself for taking a life, and the potential legal aftermath.

Think about physical security.Have you considered thick spiky hedges? Placing them under ground floor windows and around fence lines will stop prowlers; no-one wants to crawl through natures equivalent of a sack of dirty needles, and if they are higher than head height, the starving proletariat cannot scope out your home. Don't box yourself in through your own defenses; keep carpet scraps near windows so you can escape if you need to.

Is your door strong? Does it look strong? Remember hidden defenses are good because they cannot be planned for effectively.
Can you see whose on the other side without opening it? Home invasion scenarios often involve the door being opened slightly, then rushing in and taking control. It's your castle, so don't let them in.
Woe to those who add house to house and join field to field, Until there is no more room, So that you have to live alone in the midst of the land!
Isaiah 5:8
13 December 2012, 00:24,
RE: finally started my food storage!
Thats great news Destiny one or two tins each time and it will soon build up into a month then 2 months etc. Remember buy what you eat.
Failure is NOT an option
13 December 2012, 08:42,
RE: finally started my food storage!
Also vary what you buy,... as well as those tins of stew remember a few tins of fruit,.. variety will keep you healthy
A major part of survival is invisibility.
13 December 2012, 09:25,
RE: finally started my food storage!
nice one pal ,try not to get one that are damaged
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
13 December 2012, 09:30,
RE: finally started my food storage!
Start building it up slowly, even a pound a week is a start, soon adds up. Also try and get stuff you like and can eat without heating up. Soups you can eat cold, or heat them up.

Defence wise you can do martial arts or get baseball bat for home security. Pistol xbows you can get cheap, but I recomend a blackwidow slingshot
13 December 2012, 10:24,
RE: finally started my food storage!
I'm looking to cooking as well as starting the food stocks

not got the funds for a wood burner yet (may take a while) but will be looking for one that I can heat a pan/kettle on

so I'm going for the next best think in terms of cooking in that I'm going for a 2 burner/grill type camping stove that I can connect to the larger calor bottles and get a couple in stock, as well as emergency cooking it will be used for family "car camping"
13 December 2012, 11:08,
RE: finally started my food storage!
Beardymans selling little camping stoves for3quid, geordierob did a review on them
13 December 2012, 11:13,
RE: finally started my food storage!
(13 December 2012, 11:08)Metroyeti Wrote: Beardymans selling little camping stoves for3quid, geordierob did a review on them

Yep I'm look at get a couple after xmas for the GHB in the car but I'm also look at something a bit more substantial if the gas goes down for a few days so a camping stove with big gas bottles fit the bill until I can get something better. With that we'll be able to cook for the three of us

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