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How to title a thread
3 November 2011, 14:06,
How to title a thread
The purpose or a thread title, like the subject of an email should allow someone at a glance to get an idea of the contents of the thread.
Thus titles of the form "Here is something really interesting" are *bad* thread titles as they give no idea of the content of the thread.
If you have difficulty writing a thread title, leave it to the end. Write your thread first, then Imagine you are Googling for the thread you just wrote. What are the key words or key phrase? Put those into a sentence that describes the thread and use that as the thread title.

Please take the time to make it easy for others to find the threads that are of interest to them.
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4 November 2011, 12:50,
RE: How to title a thread
Good point. I try my best here and on the site but sometimes it is difficult.

The issue with a badly named thread is people don't read it. If you are only reading about gardening and a thread appears to be about something else you don't read it. Which is a pity as most threads are worth a read. The title is the teaser to make us want to read.
Skean Dhude
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4 November 2011, 17:14,
RE: How to title a thread
I only looked at this because I thought it was about needles and threads,

I wish the title had been a bit more descriptive :-)
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