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Virtually untreatable TB found
12 February 2013, 11:23, (This post was last modified: 12 February 2013, 11:25 by NorthernRaider.)
Virtually untreatable TB found
Its the rise and rise of nasty untreatable diseases like TB that make sure I dont use public transport. Recently a school in the UK had a new pupil arrive from overseas and the child had TB but the authorities did not tell the other parents inase it created racial issues !!!

I would add theres not enough money in the world to persuade me to be a teacher in one of todays multi cultural secondary schools.

12 February 2013, 11:46,
RE: Virtually untreatable TB found
There's another article on RT about the weird new airborne virus thats killed 3 in Saudi Arabia, 2 in Jordan and put 2 in the UK in intensicve care with artificual lungs.

Might add some more disposable masks to the pile before we have a run on them.
Woe to those who add house to house and join field to field, Until there is no more room, So that you have to live alone in the midst of the land!
Isaiah 5:8
12 February 2013, 23:39,
RE: Virtually untreatable TB found
Time to stock up on everything gloves, masks hand sanitizer ect

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