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Anorak & mittens canvas
19 March 2013, 11:50,
Anorak & mittens canvas
I am looking to start on a new project to make a duck cotton canvas anorak similar to the one Dave Canterbury endorsed

Now would you say Olive green would stand out too much. I have seen some canvas used by Military vehicles (guaranteed the fabric might be a bit too heavy)

Thoughts please
19 March 2013, 12:35,
RE: Anorak & mittens canvas
the U.s army used to wear olive green combats so i cant see it standing out that much!
19 March 2013, 12:52,
RE: Anorak & mittens canvas
Message to SecretPrepper from northern Raider: consider using Ventile cloth for your project rather than canvas, the end result will be better cos the material is breathable and waterproof.
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19 March 2013, 13:13,
RE: Anorak & mittens canvas
Good luck with the project and please ket us know how its coming along.
20 March 2013, 11:56, (This post was last modified: 20 March 2013, 11:56 by SecretPrepper.)
RE: Anorak & mittens canvas
that ventile cloth is about triple the price of canvas and that was for seconds. i couldn't find many places that sold it either

(19 March 2013, 12:35)Tigs Wrote: the U.s army used to wear olive green combats so i cant see it standing out that much!

Last thing i want is to look military Undecided
20 March 2013, 12:59,
RE: Anorak & mittens canvas
its a military colour
20 March 2013, 13:04,
RE: Anorak & mittens canvas
Only time I have got hastle in military gear was about ten years ago. I had a shaved head and a german camo top, some old lady stopped me at a bus station and said I was a disgrace for flying the german flag. Millitary gear is quite populsr in cities as well as rural so people dont notice it to much.
22 March 2013, 12:46,
RE: Anorak & mittens canvas
Carrying on from materials has anyone ever made oil cloth. Might not be breathable but it will work as a water resistant layer. i have seen one recepie which required linseed oil and mineral spirit. No idea what it is but i think it is like white spirit.

I would really appreciate any help
24 March 2013, 01:50, (This post was last modified: 24 March 2013, 01:51 by Mortblanc.)
RE: Anorak & mittens canvas
Mineral spirits is also known as paint thinner. I am not sure what it is known as in GB.

The proper mix for oilcloth is 50/50. Paint the fabric or spray it on and let it dry outdoors.

You will also want to wash and dry canvas before prepping the fabric for sewing.

It shrinks.

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