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Enough abuse. Time to enforce the rules
6 June 2013, 22:23, (This post was last modified: 6 June 2013, 23:05 by Admin.)
Enough abuse. Time to enforce the rules
I'm very disappointed with the bickering that has been going on on this forum over the last few months. It got worse over the last few weeks and I'm now making a stand. I've been too busy to moderate it correctly and it is obvious that some of you have taken advantage of that and broken the rules without any comeback from myself. No longer will this be tolerated. It is time to enforce the rules.

I've always wanted to have this site talking about nothing but prepping, avoiding politics and idle chatter. However I have been talked into allowing threads that have dubious links to prepping and touch on a wide range of subjects unrelated to prepping. It is these threads that touch on religion and politics that always lead to conflict. So I'm removing the threads on humour and news immediately. This doesn't mean you should post something from the news in any other forum under a thin justification because you believe it is prepper related. We know what the threats are, we have evaluated them and this forum is about discussing them. If I see anything then it will be deleted and the poster warned. I want posts on prepping only. So if you see something about rabid sheep in the UK then you can do an article on handling rabid sheep and include the link but an article just with a one liner and a link will get deleted and you will get a warning. Be sensible, avoid anything political and personal. If you genuinely believe something should be posted then PM me. I read my PMs several times a day but my emails only when not in work.

Now, the only real rule I have insisted on with this forum is do not abuse anyone yet people have been abused here for a while. Usually linked to a viewpoint that is controversial but abuse is still uncalled for. Now I do realise that some people really do talk crap but that can be discussed and refuted without calling them names. A post that you want to refute can be handled by saying 'I'm sorry old chap but I don't agree with your statement and then followed by an explanation why. It has an advantage over 'You stupid idiot that is a load of crap' in that you can explain to those reading why it is not suitable, they can learn and it won't get you a warning. If you personally do get abused then don't retaliate. Let me know as I won't be checking to see who started it I'll just see two sets of abuse and both will get a warning or banned. Abuse is abuse.

First the stick; First infraction I will delete the post and warn you by PM. If you do it again I'll just disable your account for a month. If after the month it happens again it'll be permanent. I just can't be bothered policing it more than that.

Now the carrot; Err.. You get to use my informational site for free. Isn't that enough?

While I'm here I'd like to apologise to the vast majority of posters who have not abused others and had to put up with abuse. I thank you for having the common sense to just ignore them and get on with learning how to prepare for an uncertain future.

I will be watching the site closely, as much as I can anyway, to ensure that your time on this site is fruitful and enjoyable. Let me know if anything upsets your quiet journey through this site.

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