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2nd. S13 £5 Prep Project
6 June 2013, 23:53,
2nd. S13 £5 Prep Project
This will require much more effort on your behalf, project one and project 2 go hand in hand. First off, as is customary, let's do a breakdown of what you're going to buy.

1. 2 litre Tub of Ice Cream (£3.00)
2. Marker Pen (£0.85)
3. Blank Sticker (£1.00)
4. A Freddo Bar (£0.15) need to use up the change.

Step 1.

Get a spoon from the kitchen, or steal one from the restaurant/cafe in the supermarket (not recommended as it's illegal).

Step 2.

Open iced cream tub.

Step 3.

Allow iced cream and spoon to make contact, followed shortly by a shovelling action into your mouth. Repeat process many times.

Step 4.

Feel fat but proud that you've managed to consume 2 litres of ice cream. 10 points to you.

Step 5.

Wash out empty tub in the kitchen sink. Look longingly at the Freddo, but resist the temptation.

Step 6.

Use the marker pen to write the letters MOCSTPO on the sticker. Feel free to change the order of the letters on the sticker.

Step 7.

Place sticker on the fresh and new looking ice cream tub.

Step 8.

Open the lid of the neatly labelled "Compost Tub" and place organic waste inside. This is best used for tea bags, cigarette ash, and other low stench items. Remember to replace the lid after each fill. Composting is done in an anaerobic (airless) process.

Step 9.

Once tub is full, forget it existed.

Step 10.

Freddo time! It was a long wait, but worth it.

Step 11.

Find the tub hidden away in some cool dry area, open it, and stand in amazement at the high quality of compost some forward thinking bugger had put into such a project. WHAT, they made multiple tubs of the stuff, and labelled them with the date they were completed at! That is one forward thinking fatty, eating all that ice cream!!!

Step 12.

Start Project 1 again, but without stolen soil. Instead, you now have high quality organic compost!

This is a super quick project, because it's 23:53 at night, and I'm knackered after work, but the thing is, composting really can be that easy.

What's your excuse for not starting?
Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism - Thomas Jefferson
Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither - Benjamin Franklin

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