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6th, Scythe13's under £5 project
29 June 2013, 21:03,
6th, Scythe13's under £5 project
Okay, time for some more shopping with Dr S13.

Today's journey takes us to the far beyond!!! Okay, I'm kidding. It's actually about poo. Inspired by RoadWarrior's BS detector post, I'm going to quickly go over project 6 and 7 (coming up later) and we'll be talking potty talk...but no swearing, I promise....oh wait, promises are swearing...urm.....RIGHT, on with the project.

First up...we need to deal with the money break down. So here it is:

1x Velvet toilet tissue (4 roll pack) = £1.50 (Tesco. If you don't like Tesco, I don't care haha :p )
1x Mild Cream Soap Bars (4x 90g bars) = £1.00 (guess what supermarket that's from...haha)
1x Daisy Bathroom Clearner Spray (500ml) = £0.46 (Tesco)
1x Dettol liquid antiseptic (250ml) = £1.00 (Poundland)
1x Tesco Value Bleach (2 litre) = £0.29
4x Tesco Value water (2 litre) = £0.68

Total = £4.93

Step 1.
Buy all the stuff in the above list.

Step 2.

Step 3.
Use toilet paper

Step 4.
Use soap and water to wash hands......okay, this is silly. I don't need to tell you how to wash yourselves. But guess what, this is a pretty nice amount of stuff at a great price.

The annoying thing is, we might not always have use of the toilet, right? So, we can use a hole in the ground. If that's the case, you'll need to use a fair amount of cleaning fluid. This is where the antiseptic comes into play. You add antiseptic to the water, then pour that into your now empty Daisy Bathroom cleaner bottle. Hey presto, a magic refill!!!

Amazing how easy it is to look after your sanitation for a small cost.

Hope that helps.
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