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1st, Scythe13's £0,00 Preps
3 August 2013, 01:57,
1st, Scythe13's £0,00 Preps
Hello everyone.

This is a real blinder, and will not involve any theft at all!!! Unusual for me hu? Neither will it involve permanently borrowing something.

This is the result of shopping with the wife, in Superdrug. Anyone here got an 'emergency' signalling mirror? Good, I'm glad you do. Anyone got one in their wallet? NO!?!?!? WHAT?!?!?!? But they're free!!!

This may have already been posted, but if not, here you go.

In superdrug, go to the front counter and ask for a Superdrug card. What you get is a small credit card sized thing, with a cheap mirrored surface on the front. To convert this into a signalling mirror, stop admiring your sexy self in the mirror, and turn it around. Now, use as you would a signalling mirror.

If you are unable to do so, and you are used to signal mirrors with a hole in the middle, then just man-up and smash a hole in the middle with a screw-driver, or go to the library and ask to borrow a pair of scissors, then smash a hole in the card with them. Hey presto, signal mirror you're used to.

Pretty useful hu?

Is it a daily use, if you're not vain or addicted to shopping? Probably not. It is able to save your life? Most definitely.

Enjoy your shopping.
Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism - Thomas Jefferson
Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither - Benjamin Franklin
3 August 2013, 09:34,
RE: 1st, Scythe13's £0,00 Preps
hello dude. nice to have you back .you capitalist pig Smile
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!

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