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Ultimate Survival Alaska
16 October 2013, 13:35,
Ultimate Survival Alaska
MCavity put me onto this. I hate him for it, because it's pretty addictive.

It's a 'typical' American survival challenge style program, mixed with a typical 'adventure' program, coupled with some stunning scenery. All in all, it somehow becomes much better than the sum of it's components. The program is simple. There are 8 guys all good survival types, that are copying the original NatGeo Alaskan Expedition route, carrying one set of gear for the whole journey. They get rice and beans each day, and have to get over to a landing zone that is usually a pretty big distance off. They have 72 hours to get to their LZ.

As a watchable program, I give it 8/10. It's really good and very entertaining, if it's your thing. However, not something the wife will happily sit and watch with you.

As a survival program, I think it would be hard to quantify the true survival 'lessons' from the program. There are a few bits here and there, like episode 6 that shows you how to make a smoker to smoke meat. But you don't always get a good trick like that each episode.

Overall, I'd still say it's an 8/10 program. Worth a watch, well worth finding it free online to watch (if you can do it legally, I mean), but not necessarily worth forking out cash to buy the boxed set.

8/10 Recommended.
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16 October 2013, 20:17,
RE: Ultimate Survival Alaska
I like the program, there is always something to learn, like the guy who carries the chain saw blade,....I have just changed the blade on my chain saw, I am glad a saw the program before throwing the old one away, because I am going to do with mine what he did with his.... and its only an electric chain saw, so the blade isn't big linked, so makes a perfect survival tool
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17 October 2013, 01:48,
RE: Ultimate Survival Alaska
I've been watching it too HL and I kind of liked that too. Now where am I going to find a woodsman who uses chainsaws a lot... Mmmm?

17 October 2013, 09:55,
RE: Ultimate Survival Alaska
It's a good show a bit of drama and some good tips thrown in. There seems to be plenty to choose from on sky at the moment
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