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Hultafors Heavy duty craftsmans knife
5 January 2014, 16:45,
Hultafors Heavy duty craftsmans knife
Went to pick up a couple more Mora cheapies on Amazon the other week, while I was looking came across these, they are half the price of a Mora at £4.80, five star rating by forty plus reviews. Thought well be rude not too, so bought two as I use and keep the moras for everything and have done for years, both in stainless and carbon.
The Haltafors is in carbon, when they turned up I was really pleased with the quality, very strong blade which is around 3mm thick. Handle is nice and big but plastic, not sticky like the mora, however they have a good shape to stop your hand slipping down the blade when wet or more usually lagged in blood.
The tip of the blade is a lot more rounded than a moras stilleto pointed one, that suits me though as I paunch a lot of rabbits and don't want to pierce more stomachs than I can help. The rounded end is not quite as suitable as the mora for taking the anus out of the deer before gralloching, but still possible.
The blade could certainly take a lot of battening, it really is strong. Produces tonnes of sparks when drawn down a light my fire rod.
Can't say about sharpening yet as even giving the first one a bit of grief, it has not dulled, being carbon though I already know that my gatco will make it wickedly sharp in moments.
Trying not to count my chickens, but I should get a sika in about a fortnight when I take the .308 for a walk, I will then process it start to finish with this knife to see how it fares, usually the butchering is where I dull the moras a bit when boning " I was a slaughterman, not in the boning hall" .
Will update this end of the month when it's had a fair bit thrown at it.
5 January 2014, 18:38,
RE: Hultafors Heavy duty craftsmans knife
Sorry, just realised that I've put this in the wrong section, having a senior moment.Rolleyes
5 January 2014, 19:13,
RE: Hultafors Heavy duty craftsmans knife
I've moved it to Reviews for you.
Skean Dhude
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin
8 January 2014, 01:34,
RE: Hultafors Heavy duty craftsmans knife
I have a couple of these, the blade is very thick and will take a hammering, but I found them too clumsy to do the same tasks as a Mora. Great for hacking and digging, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them for jamming into hip joints to separate hind legs or with an improvided mallet to make chops.
8 January 2014, 07:53,
RE: Hultafors Heavy duty craftsmans knife
A link to the purchased item would be useful
8 January 2014, 13:52,
RE: Hultafors Heavy duty craftsmans knife
Just for you RS
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