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Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
22 March 2014, 20:01,
Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
Item: Crosman Ratcatcher
Cost: £130ish
Style: Bolt Action
Powered by: CO2 (12 ounce cartridge)
Caliber: .22 pellet

I have had this air rifle for over 10 years now. I can't help but to think...I love this little plinker!

Firstly, when you get one, you know it's either for plinking (shooting tins in the garden) or for ratting (shooting rats). It's in the name, what it's built for.

Okay, so now the fun begins.

When you buy this gun, it comes with a 'scope'. The term scope is kind of misleading. I would liken it to looking through a McDonalds straw. You will need to replace this ASAP. Considering the distance you'll be using it over won't be huge, you could happily get away with a 4x power scope.

Speaking of scopes, this next part is the largest problem I've found with Ratties. The brackets that attach onto the barrel can move. The scope can tent to shift a little, or the barrel can become a little lose, which can cause the scope to be off, even if you're just adjusted it to zero in. If anyone knows how to sort this issue, please let me know. Okay, with that aside, more on this cute little thing.

Weight, it's about as heavy as a couple of pints of cider. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, and me getting into the swing with living down in the West Country, but it really is light. The stock is hollowed, and there is as little excess material on it as can be. So this is a major benefit. Very easy to up and carry.

Thinking about it, but something I hadn't thought about until just before I posted this, the Ratcatcher is pretty loud. Add a suppressor and you'll be laughing. I've been so used to shooting mine suppressed that I forgot how loud it is. Rip off the front fiberoptic sight and get the adaptor, coupled with a great suppressor. So that is now the second mod for the gun, after the scope.

The first shot is never going to be accurate with a CO2 rifle. I've not had one where the first 2 shots are pretty off the mark. By shot 4, they're pretty damn consistent. The same is true with the Ratcatcher. With 1 CO2 cylinder being about 20 'kill shots'. The rifle will shoot about 30-35 shots, but the drop in power in the last few shots is pretty heavy. I like to change cylinder between shot 20-25, never later.

The performance, in the field (or should I say barn) is exceptional. I have been out with it an bagged a good 12 rats in an evening, with each shot being spot on. I'm not the best shot, but once you have this gun zeroed in, it'll maintain that bearing and consistent power.

Rats are an easy kill with this. You'd hope so too, as the name says it's made for that cause. You can also pop pigeons and a few other birds around that size. So it could easily prove useful if you were in the woods and looking for a snack. Maximum distance for taking shots would be about 15 meters. I personally wouldn't be too happy taking a pop at any animal outside of that distance. I'd try to keep the shots within 10 meters of range. Not just for the increased accuracy, but also for the guarantee of the power needed to pop rats. To be fair, it could probably pop out to around 20 meters with kill-power, but I'm not willing to risk that.

I doubt, out of the box, it would have the power to smash out a rabbit. You will injure one, and prove that you're not a good hunter (a good hunter will want a clean 1 shot kill) because it's not a rabbit gun. The Rabbit Stopper (came out at the same time as the Ratcatcher) would be a better option if you want to stick to Crosman's range. But for ratting, I really cannot fault this.

In the many years I've had this, I've not had a single problem with it. There are horror stories about it, and a few people I know have experienced that. But for me, with my gun, nothing at all.

Would I recommend this gun for ratting? Damn right! It'd be my first option.

Would I recommend this gun for life after TSHTF? Yes, rats make for good eating.

Would I recommend this gun for a GHB carry-along? Definitely. It's light enough, and packs enough punch to bag yourself a quick meal.

Would I recommend this gun for anything else? Plinking. It's a great 'garden gun' with the kids (or neighbours kids in our situation). But aside from that, it's not a 'survival' gun.
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22 March 2014, 22:55, (This post was last modified: 22 March 2014, 23:00 by Midnitemo.)
RE: Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
great fun gun but my reservations as a post shtf gun are the non re-useable power source.....i'm sticking with springers for post times...doesn't change my opinion of it for the here and now,it's a great little gun.

mine didn't hold its charge....and neither did my first you need to use the powered up gun within 12hrs or the gas bleeds off...i tried lubing the seals and changing them, made no difference.

I also agree about the stock sights and the sight blocks...i bought aftermarket sight blocks and a better low light sight with an illuminated kids had toy guns from china with better sights on!
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23 March 2014, 16:13,
RE: Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
absolutely, springers are the ideal post SHTF gun, no faffing about with capsules-in any case unless you have a large stock of them your gonna run out pretty soon.
23 March 2014, 16:50,
RE: Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
Your Ratcatcher is a UK version of an old Crossman base model. I can not even find that particular model offered for sale over here.

Instead, we get the pump up version that eliminates the CO2 cartridge and I believe it goes slightly over your power limit, though not by much. That is probably why you get the CO2 version, so they can reduce the power level.

The pump system eliminates most of the objection about being SHTF ready or tracking down CO2 cartridges post event.

It is also considerably cheaper than the model you have available. Ours would cost you 60 pounds and you get the water bottle and pack along with the rifle. They are ripping you off magnificently!
23 March 2014, 17:49,
RE: Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
We used to have the pump version of the Ratcatcher in the UK Mort.It was called the Backpacker.One of my mates had one.It was legal to own,but if you removed the stock and put the pistol grips from the 1332 on it became a bit naughty as it was over our 6 ft lb limit for pistols.
A handy little carbine from what I remember.
23 March 2014, 20:20,
RE: Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
i like the springers too, but the reload time is forever. I'm guessing the co2 is semi-auto. If killing barn rats, i'd rather have the co2. post shtf i like the springer for the reliabilty, although i have had issues with those. mostly cheap crap i should have known better than buying.

the thing i look for is the velocity in feet per second (FPS), especially important if your shooting live targets.

S13: i laughed when reading about the scope cause i've had similar problem. I was at the range, firing a .22 and the scope just fell off. A friend recommended use loc-tite blue on the hold down screws and havent had problem since.
24 March 2014, 10:18,
RE: Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
springers load time is forever?? FFS, break barrel, load pellet, close long does that take? and NO the Ratcatcher isn't semi auto....same as a break barrel 1 pellet at a time.
24 March 2014, 13:17,
RE: Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
The Ratty is a 1 shot at a time as BP said. I really sould have added that into the first post.

It's not magazine fed. It's bold action. So after each shot you have to cock the bolt, breech a pellet, then lock the bolt back into position before you fire.

I can load my Ratcatcher perfectly, even in the dark.

There are some magazines for steel BB's to make it really quick at reloading (still have to cock and relock the bolt), but I've never tried them.
Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism - Thomas Jefferson
Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither - Benjamin Franklin
24 March 2014, 13:21,
RE: Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
my SMK is exactly the same, power comes from Co2 capsules, bolt action single pellet at a time, plus side it uses 2 capsules so its got more range, down side it a full size rifle not like the Ratcatcher which can be tucked away out of sight.
27 March 2014, 17:26,
RE: Review: Crosman Ratcatcher Air Rifle
Nice review, cheers Scythe.

May have to treat myself, the neighbours tend to pay too much attention when I'm using the little tweakalised co2 pistol I have...
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