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Titanium BOT Review
15 April 2014, 17:35,
Star  Titanium BOT Review
So i was messing around with my kits and wanted a tall pot that cold be used as a water bottle to be multifunctional. I liked the BOT as it is really unique and the material it is made of is very light however the screw top is rubbish. I had moments where you needed herculean strength to unscrew the lid and when you do it makes a horrible and very loud scraping noise that goes right through me.

This is my first titanium product so i do not know if it's a thing with the metal but it gets grubby easily even just from touching it.

It is a nice product although it is expensive and i don't think it is suitable for purpose. i will just use it as a nesting cup for a 32oz water bottle, instead of it's own separate thing.

2.5 out of 5

Where i got it from
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16 April 2014, 08:15,
RE: Titanium BOT Review
Sounds like it's forming a vacuum. Try giving the lid a sharp tap with a metal spoon or something and that should shock in into releasing.

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16 April 2014, 09:22,
RE: Titanium BOT Review
Nice little review there SP.

Titanium is very easy to get dirty. I love it, because of it's weight, but hate it because of the dirt.

I was thinking the same as TOF with it being tight and hard to open. But with a different solution. Don't bother putting the lid on tight when you're cooking it. Just sit the lit on it. Also, if you have hot water in it, when it cools down, the water will shrink down and create a vacuum. The easiest way to sort this out, don't store hot water in it, but also, find a small water bottle and fill it up. Pop that full bottle into the BOT.

Granted it'll not carry as much water, but you won't have the vacuum problem either.

If you use a cooker and gas canister, you might do well to store them inside the BOT, then have a seperate water container.
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16 April 2014, 12:45,
RE: Titanium BOT Review
That tap trick sounds interesting. i will give it a go.
It does make a nice alternative to a nesting cup for a water bottle so i can boil just under a liter

Cheers guys
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