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Slight Technical Issue "Access Forbidden"
29 April 2014, 12:30, (This post was last modified: 29 April 2014, 21:18 by Scythe13.)
Slight Technical Issue "Access Forbidden"
Dear everyone on the forum.

Since you have all be soooo naughty, everyone has their access blocked. Okay I'm joking.

We are currently having a couple of technical issues with certain sub forums and they are being resolved as we speak.
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29 April 2014, 18:12,
RE: Slight Technical Issue "Access Forbidden"
Oh hell! The mods have put us ALL on "ignore"!! Big Grin
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29 April 2014, 19:50,
RE: Slight Technical Issue "Access Forbidden"
It isn't actually a technical issue. It is because as mods you can post anywhere and like a randy dog you are posting all over the place. The top level directories are locked to stop people posting everything in there by default. I've added a new section called 'general Hunting' which should solve your issues and I've moved your threads to where they should be.
Skean Dhude
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