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Rocket Fuel Self heating Hot Chocolate
12 January 2015, 21:54,
Rocket Fuel Self heating Hot Chocolate
I've recently bought a stash of these to keep in my winter car kit so thought I'd do a little review.

Rocket Fuel self heating hot chocolate. Currently £2 per can in tesco - - but available from other places aswell (amazon etc..).

As the name suggests, it's a can of self heating hot chocolate with added stimulants to give you a bit of an energy kick.

To activate, you pull the bottom ring pull off & press the plastic to puncture the bit inside then shake vigorously to mix the water/chemicals to activate the heating. It suggests leaving it for 3 minutes, however the longer you leave it before opening the top to drink, the longer you can use it to warm your fingers if needed.

The drink itself is actually very nice (I'm a hot chocolate fan so maybe biased), however at only 200ml contents, you don't get that much for your money in my opinion.

I've got 4 of these in each car, 1 for each member of the family incase we ever get stuck anywhere & the weather takes a turn for the worse. I bought these in November 2014 & the use by date is October 2015 so a good date to get you through the bad season & plenty time to replace them before winter sets in again. Because of the self heating side to it, maybe it's not worth chancing using them after expiry date.

Not a grand review I know, but a cracking little product for a couple of quid that you can keep in the car & have something warm inside you if the need arises.
12 January 2015, 22:29,
RE: Rocket Fuel Self heating Hot Chocolate
Hello mate I have these in coffee, and drinking chocolate, I've only tried the coffee but it was good !!
12 January 2015, 22:32,
RE: Rocket Fuel Self heating Hot Chocolate
I had an espresso one years ago but wasn't keen on that.
12 January 2015, 22:48,
RE: Rocket Fuel Self heating Hot Chocolate
I didn't know about these, they sound like a sensible addition to car kit, thanks.
12 January 2015, 23:36,
RE: Rocket Fuel Self heating Hot Chocolate
Looks like a great idea, I'll certainly pick up a couple next time I'm in Tesco's - thanks!

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