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Free GPS Mapping App & OS Maps
15 January 2015, 16:25,
Free GPS Mapping App & OS Maps
During the Christmas holidays I downloaded this app:

And I have to say it's pretty dam good and accurate at showing your location and certainly makes navigation off the beaten track a lot easier.

It can also be used to record where you've been and you can import preplanned routes/tracks; waypoints; points of interest etc etc.

Not only is the App itself totally free, you are also able to download free of charge the a full UK 1:250K Road Map and the full UK 1:50k OS Maps of any or all of the UK's 15 national Parks, so be it the Brecon Beacon's; Exmoor; Dartmoor; the Yorkshire Dales or the Cairngorms etc etc, they can all be downloaded free of charge to your phone or tablet etc.

Once installed on your phone/tablet you do not need a phone signal or WiFi, all you need is sight of the GPS Satellites, so even in a grid down situation, as long as the Satellites are operational and you have a charge on your phones battery, then it still works.

I've used it a few times in some pretty remote parts of Devon and it's always picked up the GPS signals and worked without a problem even when there is no phone signal anywhere in the area.

As well as the free maps for the National Parks, there are a whole series of other maps that are available to buy at pretty good prices and this is where the company obviously makes its money.

For example I've also bought and downloaded the 1:50K OS Maps for the whole of the South West and it cost me just £9.99 - compare that with the cost of 20+ OS Land Ranger 1:50K paper maps and it's a huge saving.

Also it means that they are now permanently on my phone and I'm also licenced to install them on any other devices that I own such as other phones and my tablet etc.

You can also download (Purchase) 1:25K maps of individual counties/areas is needed, but in all honesty the 1:50K (free or purchased versions) are more than adequate for navigation, as well as identifying other landscape features; water sources; footpaths/tracks; roads; power lines; rail tracks; abandoned structures etc.

But either way, I can recommend downloading the free app and the free OS maps, particularly if you live anywhere near or regularly visit any of the UK 15 national parks, and if do not already have a dedicated GPS device.
15 January 2015, 19:12,
RE: Free GPS Mapping App & OS Maps
On the subject of maps, the Bing maps site allows you to view OS maps for the whole of the UK.
15 January 2015, 19:54,
RE: Free GPS Mapping App & OS Maps
(15 January 2015, 19:12)Steve Wrote: On the subject of maps, the Bing maps site allows you to view OS maps for the whole of the UK.

It does, but you have to have a internet connection to access it which isn't much use in the middle of nowhere and also it doesn't have the GPS tracking facility, both of which make this app very useful.

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