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Feuerhand baby 276 lantern
27 October 2015, 21:46,
Feuerhand baby 276 lantern
With the usual annual winter scares about power cuts in mind I decided to diversify my lighting needs , last year I concentrated on candles in the main UCO candles with an assortment of Asda's finest thrown in too , this year I decided to go down the oil lamp route so I purchased a Feuerhand baby 276 lantern from the Bushcraft store for the princely sum of £14.95(cheapest anywhere I could find) when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised , it's very pleasing to look at and appears well made in a utilitarian way , I had read some reports of leaking oil reservoirs so I immediately went out to find some unscented lamp oil(local hardware shop £3.55 a litre)to test the lamp and wether it was oil tight, it was and the lamp worked a treat , there are no real instructions with the lamp as it came in a brown paper bag!!!! but its quite easy to figure out yourself as it's not rocket science (youtube is your friend here) I have used these kind of lamps before so I kind of remembered how , being pleased with my lamp I ordered two more (one to use and one for spares as this is the cheapest way to buy a full set of spares, globe is £6 , wick winder/burner is £6.50 ,new filler cap £3.75 and wicks are £1.50 for a single one)am very pleased with the lamps , none leak and I'm getting useable light at less than 3p an hour per lamp , bought 20 wicks from Germany through Ebay at $17.70 posted that works out at less than 60p a wick and I've struck a 15% off bulk deal with my local hardware shop making a case of 12 x I litre bottles of oil at £3.02 per litre happy days.
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27 October 2015, 23:23, (This post was last modified: 27 October 2015, 23:38 by Straight Shooter.)
RE: Feuerhand baby 276 lantern
I have five oil lamps ...old ones ....and six gallons of oil...i bought three metres of wick....and spare bits seals and mantels for the one i bought eighteen months back...reminds me of my grans small tele.... no lecy ....everything stopped for the Archers ....on that radio with those big accumulators (batteries ) my job on Saturdays was to walk the two miles to the mill to collect the charged one and drop off the spent one corn for the chickens.....walking down the mountain was a breeze.....a bit of a bugger going back up though.....the reward was home made lemonade some rock cake...welsh cakes to eat on the way back to the village.....while i delivered two dozen eggs on the way.....i can taste that rock cake right now....bloody yummy !

OOPS i forgot i bought another two oil lamps from Biology last year ....for twelve bucks...big mama,s to...but no match for the old could kill a cow at fifty paces with those buggers....i nearly succumbed myself once....i think it was about 2.30 am women just do not understand !

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