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general worry in the yard
7 November 2015, 22:29,
RE: general worry in the yard
Well Barney it is a bloody stupid idea that has no moral grounds in any light, I've read of people on zero contract hours told they cannot work for anyone else, AND if they are not called to work they cannot claim dole, its immoral and rotten like Compulsory membership of the NI scheme.

7 November 2015, 23:43,
RE: general worry in the yard
Steve, my opinion is not all debt is bad. My car insurance for example is on an interest free card split into 12 payments. The alternative was to pay the insurance company 20% interest on the amount. It's only a little saving, but it all helps.

If it's a wise investment rather than wasted on crap & you can get it interest free, then go for it mate.

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