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MORE Iceberg homes
20 November 2015, 09:49,
MORE Iceberg homes
Look at the images, but then ignore the labels the owners have attached and think about another title we would apply
Banquet hall = giant store room
Wine cellar = Freezer
65 ft swimming pool = huge great water reserve.

In some of these iceberg homes I've been following they have hidden exits, underground gardens, steel doors, food stores as big as a bungalow, workshops, potable water grade filters fitted to "" swimming pool"" concealed PV panels on roof, secret elevators, etc

20 November 2015, 18:23,
RE: MORE Iceberg homes
Bunker ,they must think something is coming mate
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
21 November 2015, 23:56,
RE: MORE Iceberg homes
they are all at it apparently

24 November 2015, 18:41,
RE: MORE Iceberg homes
And more converted bunkers

24 November 2015, 18:53,
RE: MORE Iceberg homes
I wouldn't believe everything you read in the mail, even if its true, so what?? dosent exactly help us any does it?

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