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Recent news in the US
23 February 2017, 00:18,
RE: Recent news in the US
You got it LAC ....physical gold you can hold in your hand is one thing Paper contracts saying " you own X amount " is something very different and a means of control and moreover easy to manipulate and electronically moved up or down via computer logarithms in a nano second,at the same time say one ounce of physical metal can be leveraged thirty ,fifty,one hundred times ( in paper) for the same one ounce so if you want to redeem your paper for phiysical you are in the que thirty,fifty or whatever ....if you can't hold it in your hands you do NOT own it ! but that issue aside Dr Paul Graig Roberts...IS well respected on most all topics he cares to talk about and there are many topics he does indeed cover ....Putins propaganda is total bullshit....just bullshit of a lost main media struggling to fight against truth but taking the money from their paymasters hoping nobody notices or realises what is really going on can have the best platform on the planet to speak from.....but best of all is the platform of truth ....there are many that think the other way around ........these normally are too dull to have a headache.
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.

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