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What is a pellet grill?
24 October 2017, 21:51,
RE: What is a pellet grill?
I am in the same situation, and most of us are. We use modern tech on a day to day basis and have the old tech as "backup".

In my case life is all electric. EVERYTHING is electric!

Electric heat, electric cooking, electric 50 gallon water heater, huge electric fridge and of course the lights and such.

I can do that because we have cheap access in my area and all this electric use costs me about $100 U.S. per month so that I have the convenience of flipping a switch and having immediate access to power. I do not have to worry about keeping the propane tank filled for heat, wood pellets in supply, solar panels functioning, three different power systems supplied or any other troubles.

Now that also means that when some people talk about their complete switch to solar I get a laugh because they are talking about 5 led light bulbs and a mini-fridge, no cook-stove/oven, no heat, no TV, and their battery bank still barely covers their needs. If I only had 5 light bulbs I could make that work too, and the pay off might come within 5 years, but over here the system has to be massive to power a normal home, another heat source has to be used, and the pay off is closer to 20-30 years.

Emergency back up is stored propane and two small gen-sets, but that is real emergency backup for storms and grid down situations and not considered SHTF alternative lifestyle.

If things went down forever I would pull the wood stove in off the back porch and start burning that big oak tree. That and the stored wood should last the 3-6 months I need before the meds run out and I die in my sleep.

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