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Locksmith training course for the prepper
12 July 2017, 11:49,
Locksmith training course for the prepper
Greetings prepper. My name is Bob Curry, I am ex military one Royal Anglian and 22 SAS regiment. I am a keen bushcrafter as well as an army combat survival instructor.
I run a locksmith training school in Hereford where i live and since leaving the military have trained many hundreds of ex personnel in the skills of locksmithing, many of whom have gone on to set up their own businesses.
I learnt the skills of lock opening well serving in B squadron 22 SAS regiment. These skills were used by myself all over the world to achieve whatever aim was necessary.
I feel that there is a requirement for preppers and bushcrafters to learn these skills as one day they may well be required to survive whatever is thrown upon us.
I would like to offer a 2 day training course in locksmithing for the prepper and bush craft community, conducted at my workshop in Hereford, the basic skills it has been proven can be taught over this period of time enabling the individual like all other skills to go away after the course and practice the skills to perfection.
This 2 day course is only £670 which includes 2 nights B&B and a lock pick set.
Im sure that many preppers and bush crafters will benefit greatly from this training and will be the subject of discussion around many a camp fire.
Best Regards
Bob Curry
If you would like to know more about me personally please put my details into google and you will see me and my training school including quite a lot of information on me
12 July 2017, 17:19,
RE: Locksmith training course for the prepper
Don't leave your number on an open forum.

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