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Wanting to talk to some survivalists about prepping
14 March 2018, 01:53,
Wanting to talk to some survivalists about prepping
I know this is kind of a long shot, and I have read all the rules for posting but didn't really know where this sort of request belonged (so feel free to take it down!).
I was really interested in starting a project on who survivalists were. I wanted to talk to some people in order to find out their own personal reasons for prepping, and how they go about it. I understand this is a strange request, but I have some questions if anyone is willing to answer them so please feel free to PM me. If at all possible, I'd love to get photos too- I'm doing an art project and I love to paint, so I think it'd be really cool to get some photos to paint along with the interviews, and I can send photos of the results! Seeing as no-one wants to meet up with an internet stranger I can facetime with anyone if they'd like.
Again I know this is probably totally the wrong place to post- and if there's anywhere more relevant please let me know.
Thanks so much!!

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