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27 January 2012, 20:01,
Just got that "Stalker" film, 1979 classic cult Russian Post Apoc scenario. Going to watch it tonight. Been waiting over a year to get this, Will rate it later. TL.
28 January 2012, 14:04,
RE: Stalker
Its very good.

Bleak, odd. In the situation you would likely end up beleiving the Stalker character about the unknown dangers.

Ive read most of "Roadside picknick" on which the film is based and Ive also obviously played the STALKER shadow of chernobyl, call of pripyat etc video games. With Mods the first game is a very fun survavalistesque game. Hope you enjoy the film.
28 January 2012, 22:59,
RE: Stalker
That was some heavt S~*T man! Was v.good but I can see how a lot of people would get their heads bent by it and not watch the whole thing. For me it was an odyessy. I loved the Stalker games too. I never managed to get a MOD to work though which is a real shame. If you have any advice on this it would be greatly appreciated and then I could go back to my favourite game (I don't get round to comp gaming v.much this last couple years as I too busy doin the prep do) but it would be nice to have another go. :-) Mind you, i would have to remember to only go one way and thats onwards - no going back!! lol. Regards, TL.

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