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Adapting to the circumstances.
17 May 2013, 08:53,
Adapting to the circumstances.
Adapting to the circumstances.
©NR 2013

I have decided to adapt my preps again after receiving numerous news articles and pieces of intel which are causing me some concern.

In summary they are
A threat of a General strike this summer, this could tip the economy into a depression of the type not seen since the early 20th century. This could mirror the strikes of the 1970s and lead to fuel and food shortages, mob violence, uncollected rubbish, unburied dead and civil unrest. All the ingredients are in place and I think it will only take some decent warm weather to act as a trigger.
Reports from various parts about a shortage of fire wood for wood burning stoves compounded by the uncertainty over the generation of mains power supplies (All the players expected to build the new nuclear power stations are either dropping out or are considering dropping out, BUT the obsolete power stations are still set to close.
I don’t think we have seen the end of the Euro crisis and the dissent it is breeding, when the weather picks up for the summer we could see some real nastiness in the PIGS countries.
The government’s announcement via the media yesterday hidden behind the news of Maggie Ts funeral about “possible severe food shortages” and rapidly rising food prices and HMG openly for the first time since WW2 encouraging people to start growing their own food as fast as possible.
The sliding price of gold bullion is disturbing the stock exchanges and I don’t know what is going on??
The UK economy is in real terms stagnating this will breed more dissent from the public sector.
Its April and the farmers are still struggling to plant crops, many report they will only be able to produce as little as a third of their normal produce, this is now 2 ½ years of bad weather and poor harvests, something is going to give I think??

So it is my intention to try AGAIN to grow food stuffs I can preserve, I may even need to hire a yoof or amateur gardener to convert my back garden.

I am currently doubling the amount of fire wood I stockpile, it’s my intent to give over half of my conservatory to fuel storage on top of the wood already stored in the garage and garden.
I intend to get another two 7KG bottles of propane to add to the six I already have.
I’m desperately trying to find funds and space to increase my stocks of foodstuffs.

I still cannot get my act together over breeding rabbits and chooks though, not sure what the mental block is over this issue.

The new vehicle is going to allow me to get further afield again building closer ties with other preppers and off-gridders

As a security issue I am greatly increasing the amount of security kit (bows, air rifles, knives, batons and improvised tools)

Family security concerns are being revisited and adapted emergency plans being developed that will ensure everyone knows what to do in a crisis and where to go.

I would be very keen to hear what other preppers are thinking and doing at the moment?

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