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Peserving Cheese
5 January 2013, 07:07,
Peserving Cheese
Firstly, buy your hard cheese. You will need cheese cloth, a spray bottle and white vinegar, vacuum sealer and bags and a pen and labels. Thoroughly clean the work surface. Cut the amount of cheese, that you and your family will eat in two or three days. Cover each two or three day block with cheese cloth and spray with the white vinegar. The vinegar inhibits mould growth and does not affect the flavour. Now vacuum seal it. It will keep for a year without refrigeration. It will keep longer but will become too strong to eat. However in a survival situation you might be tempted to keep it a little longer. This recipe was given to me by a round-the-world yachtswoman. Kenneth Eames.
5 January 2013, 10:25,
RE: Peserving Cheese
nic one KE cheers pal
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
5 January 2013, 13:05,
RE: Peserving Cheese
very very useful thanks kenneth, great post!
Where were you going ? ....when I seen you coming back ?
5 January 2013, 14:50,
RE: Peserving Cheese
another good un for the folder,.. cheers
A major part of survival is invisibility.
8 January 2013, 13:18,
RE: Peserving Cheese
interesting stuff thanks again

so now a vacuum sealer is going on the shopping list Big Grin
8 January 2013, 19:41,
RE: Peserving Cheese
I-K-E, Buy Polythene bags and after putting your cheese or other goods inside, seal the bag top with a red hot poker or iron bar. Make sure you exclude the air before hand. Kenneth Eames.

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