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Real Experiences
16 April 2013, 17:06,
Real Experiences
Well, we had an incident over here in the town of Boston. Who needs make believe senerios when the world is filled with ral ones?

For those that have little geographic knowledge of the U.S. Boston is a part of what we refer too as the Eastern Megalopolis. It is one single physical city that streches for 1,000 miles as an unbroken population center. That mass of population is devided by state and local boundries but it is all one single population cluster covering our eastern coast.

It begins just north of Boston and does not end until one reaches the area of Newport News, Virginia. It includes cities you might have heard of called Boston, New York, Philidelphia, Washington DC, and several entire states like New Jersey, Massacuists, Connecticut, Rode Island.

You get the picutes, it is one big urban center containing about 50,000,000 people at a concentration of 400-1000 people per sq/mi and often more dense during business hours.

This attack was not major, by world standards. I experienced a tormado last year the killed 20, injured hundreds and caused billions in property damage. This attack was actually quite unsucessful tatically, but it has caused extreme panic and has revealed a continuing problem with our emergency management of crisis.

The first thing that happens is TPTB cordon off a section and evacuate.

Then they shut down public transport and block the surface roads so the evacuees can not move.

Next they shut down cell phone service, diverting it to Emergency Service use.

That means you are ordered to leave, then kept from leaving and in the chaos you can not call anyone to inform them of your situation!

The next move on the list is "disinformation". Politicians start jockying for face time on TV and talk for hours while saying nothing.

The news services start showing the same film loop over and over, imprinting the horror and extending the terror of a few seconds into endless hours of blood and gore.

The theme of the experience is that when a tragedy strikes

1. one will be hearded out of one area and into another while escape from the designated holding area is blocked.

2. you will be given false and contridectory information so TPTB can maintain control of the heard and the area.

3. your communication will be shut off so you can get only the information TPTB wishes you to have. (I have stood holding a useless phone while a policeman talked on his phone standing next to me)

4. anyone asking questions will be suspect, anyone moving around without pernission will be arrested.

5. all this will take place within seconds of the incident and will remain in force indefianately.

Oddly, yesterday I observed that the streets had been cordoned off buy black government SUVs before the blast dabris settled to the ground! They were in place in seconds, not minutes, as if they had practiced the senerio in advance! There were cameras covering the blast location and one could watch the plan going into action.

I have lived through or observed 4 incidents of this nature in the past few years and the process has been the same during each incident. They have a plan book and they follow it strictly.

TPTB view any crisis an excuse to impliment a police state when needed and as needed. This is not just a U.S. problem.

I believe it is part of the ingrained power and control issue of any person in a leadership role. CYA! It is easier to get forgiveness than to get permission.
16 April 2013, 17:14,
RE: Real Experiences
remind me why i moved from an "urban centre" again ??Big Grin i dont do cities and i hate crowds, we are so far removed from TPTB's power base we might as well be in another country out here.
16 April 2013, 17:40,
RE: Real Experiences
gotta love how the propaganda machine immediately casts groups they don't like as suspects worthy of contempt.

Cant forget that part - using the opportunity to disparage your opponent.
16 April 2013, 17:42,
RE: Real Experiences
oh well, thats TPTB for you, "whatever occurs, use it to your own advantage"!!
16 April 2013, 18:07,
RE: Real Experiences
Very worrying MB SUV,s in seconds you say, either very organized or well informed or expected...makes me wonder ...just like the bombings in London on the underground , the same script being used more or less with the twist no suicide bombers , wonder what's next .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
16 April 2013, 19:22, (This post was last modified: 16 April 2013, 19:27 by Mortblanc.)
RE: Real Experiences
All day long we have gotten leaked information, then contridictions of that information.

Police comissioner will announce one thing and FBI announce another.

One group claimed they arrested a saudi national at the site of the blast yesterday, his appartment searched and bomb making material found. Now they are claiming no one is in custody and no suspects are evident.

It is almost comical!

BP, I also live in a relitively remote area. Still when we had a natural disaster last year My phone service was shut down, electricity was purposely shut off for 48 hours and police had road blocks at every access road.

What was my reaction?

Sit down and eat the icecreame before it melts!

All that knowledge of secondary roads, alternate routes and various illusions to reach those routes came in handy after day two. The police were detirmined no one was going in or out (they claimed it was to prevent looting) but there were not enough to cover all the access roads.

I still have noT figured out why preventing me from leaving the area would prevent looking!

I had people worried about me and had to get comms out.

I had to drive 5 miles before I had cell phone service.
16 April 2013, 20:33,
RE: Real Experiences
It's sounds really shocking. I am so glad I live out in the sticks. By the sound of things, some prior knowledge was available - wonder what happened to it.
16 April 2013, 20:41,
RE: Real Experiences
I'm not out in the sticks but I'm glad I don't live in a city any more and if I get the chance I'll get further out than I am now
16 April 2013, 22:08,
RE: Real Experiences
24 hours latter TPTB are still running about trying to look important but their intelligence is comming into question.

They have not a clue about who did what.

It appears this was a single individual with enough sense to keep his mouth shut. No one has claimed responsibility or given intent.

He made the bombs look like trash and put them, logically, into trash cans.

The entire area was swept by bomb sniffing dogs one hour before the incident and the place had been swarming with police and military troops for the entire time.

This guy had some stones! He walked right through the police lines, placed his wares, and walked back out and was not seen by people or cameras. There is a survailance camera on every doorway in that area and Americans are addicted to their camera phones. People were snapping away at their running relitives after they crossed the finish line.
17 April 2013, 00:07,
RE: Real Experiences
I would prefer to be more rural than where I am now (East Lancashire), but is a lot better than living in London,Manchester,Liverpool or any other big city, you are more at risk living in the city to
Terrorism,Civil Unrest,Being caught in crossfire of gang crime,Public Transport system failing (Some city dwellers rely totally on public transport) etc etc.My advice would be avoid major urban centres where possible, but if you have to enter one, be vigilant and have a plan of what to do if something happens.

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