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Resealable retail food packages
27 June 2013, 13:57,
RE: Resealable retail food packages
Well, it does a little bit with the soapy water tip (which I might just have been able to think of on my own...) but what I was asking about was you putting crisp packets and their outer packaging into a steamer, as in your other post (below)...

(26 June 2013, 10:38)Alterego Wrote: my missus is a chef at a local foody posh place...

they have loadsa different teas ...supplied from the wholesalers in Mylar Bags

she gets given the bags gratis and ive built up quite a collection...

this afternoon im sterlising them in the steamer and then they are ready for foodstuffs from the garden....

... whether they were able to withstand that kind of heat and if not, what do you do?

I hate to sound nit-picky but I am interested and you didn't really answer...Smile

27 June 2013, 20:07,
RE: Resealable retail food packages
we keep some plastic and glass containers too. I really hated trying to wash them and get rid of the smell/taste left behind. especially peanut butter and mayonnaise jars. wasted too much water and time trying to get all remnants out.

to clean jars easily: fill almost to the top with tap water, give a good squirt of dish soap, reseal jar tightly, shake, let sit by the sink for a day or two. when your washing other stuff turn the jar over and give a shake. after 2 days rinse out the container and repeat the process once more, done.

to get rid of lingering smells/ taste: after the container has been cleaned, refill with water and add a generous amount of baking soda, shake well. let it sit for another few days, flipping over and shaking from time to time. repeat as needed. we used this to clean some excellent plastic bottles that had Spanish mojo marinade in them. to be truthful , still has very faint smell, but water has no taste.

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