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What have done towards your prep?
4 February 2012, 13:37,
What have done towards your prep?
What have you this week towards you prep?
Read or made something? Let us know
4 February 2012, 14:48,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
What have i done this week, downloaded some files for reading and reference, made some butter, checked my bob checklist for out of date items.
4 February 2012, 14:49, (This post was last modified: 4 February 2012, 15:00 by Reality Jones.)
RE: What have done towards your prep?
Finished building my last raised bed for vegetables in the back garden today.
Emptied and re checked my BOB to see what supplies it still needs and to try and make it lighter.
Tomorrow I'm out wood collecting for next years supply of wood for the open fire
What files did you download uks ?
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4 February 2012, 15:02,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
chopped wood for the burner rotavated half the garden cleaned the greenhouse out ready for the toms will be shopping tomo for supplies

4 February 2012, 15:20,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
About 50 on all aspects bushcraft, survival, cooking, field manuals etc i post quite a few links relation to download links in recent weeks try this one first
4 February 2012, 21:44,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
Today I have purchased 4 pairs of sports shoes (for quick movement and to keep with GHB's).
I have ordered 3 pairs of 'car knives'. Car knives have belt cutters, and glass breakers built in, and are kept in the car haha.
I have also ordered 3 smaller lock knives (SOG's) for our bags.
Don't forget 2 more Cold Steel full tang knives to teach AlyBear to properly split wood.
Beyond that, another £15 on tins in Tesco. I know it's not a lot of money, but every little helps (Asda price haha)
5 February 2012, 00:21,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
I have now just spent the last 3 hours and 20 minutes checking out all the links available in that compendium posted by UKS.

Great work mate! Love the links!!!!

As always keep them coming.
5 February 2012, 07:32,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
I've been looking at the list of sites that uks posted. I have not bought anything this week but next week-end, when I've saved sufficient cash, I will purchase a new BOB and a 17 pocket vest. Kenneth Eames.
6 February 2012, 09:24,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
Today I am cancelling one of my knife orders.

I will later be redoing the order with another company for less than half price.

With the saved money, I hope to buy some ceramic razor blades to modify onto creditcards to make "Personal Security" cards. Also, I will be buying some pretty paracord bracelets, because I have a holiday to Morocco and if anything happens on a plane or whatever, I'd like to have something I know how to use in multiple ways with me.
6 February 2012, 11:54,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
You get caught with them you are in trouble. They are also of limited use for you in a combat situation as you are not an assassin. Take a solid metal pen, solid boots and a solid belt buckle on a belt. All legal and more use than a razoe blade.
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