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Draught Animals
1 October 2011, 06:25,
Draught Animals
When in a survival situation draught animals could be useful to you. There are donkeys, mules and horses, Oxen, Goats and dogs. Of these, I would prefer goats and dogs. Goats can pull small carts and so can dogs. In winter time dogs can also pull sleds. Goats will eat so many things so feeding is not such a problem. Dogs are a great asset for defence as well but would require more costly food, unless you are a hunter and in an area with plenty of wild animals. Should you be in an rural area with a low population and, many of the locals who haven't stored food, many, will probably make there way to relatives. It is possible, that local farmers would butcher their own animals and barter the meat with you. Offal would be very good for dogs. Goats and dogs, do need good shelter and probably some supplements. Goats of course will supply milk, fibre for spinning and meat for food. Useful if you cannot do deals with farmers. Kenneth Eames.

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