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23 March 2012, 17:14,
RE: illness
To rehydrate we used to put a pinch of salt into flat cloudy (full sugar) lemonade. One of the guys I was at uni with was doing his Phd on the principle that instead of using saline solution to rehydrate a person, which is expensive to set up and takes a lot of professional time, doctors and nurses should just use flat cloudy lemonade with a tiny bit of extra salt. He was telling me untold similarities to the liquid/plasma/techincialCrapICan'tRemember in the blood and the properties of the lemonade in regards to the sugar increasing insulin, which pushed the liquid into the body to rehydrate, and anything beyond that is well beyond my ability to understand.

After nights out, everyone used to pump up on the lemonade. Poor Somerfield never understood the deluge of students buying it up before the weekend! haha
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26 March 2012, 11:28,
RE: illness
i think i have now found the source of "The Infection"! there is a town about 10 miles east of here,( and ALL but 6 kids at the local school are off sick with the same illness,) only slightly larger than where we live, but it has 2 main employers-a Cheese factory and a large Haulage firm-who have an agricultural contract-thats how the milk gets to the cheese factory, and we were in this town last Sunday morning, as we left i remarked that there was a strange smell coming from the factory, maybe their filters were blocked or they were emptying the tanks??(when we lived in Glastonbury there was an outbreak of Legionaires disease and it was traced back to the air conditioning in the local plastics factory) anyway when OH asked her friend(who has lived in that town for many years) if the place was known to be unhealthy the reply was" well, everyone i know here has got cancer!" WTF? good place to avoid i think? luckily its nowhere near any of my BO routes or BOL's.

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