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Long term medication
17 June 2012, 10:11,
Long term medication
I'm sure there must be others on here who like me are on long term medication. In my case, for high blood pressure. As I was taking my tablets this morning I started thinking how would I continue taking them if the supply became unavailable. I can't see any easy way of stockpilling them as they are perscription medicine.
Has anyone else had any thoughts on this topic?
17 June 2012, 12:00,
RE: Long term medication
You would have to go back to basics I guess , first dropping salt from your diet, losing weight if neccessary, changing diet then perhaps using some of the herbal or homeopathic remedies for lowering BP. Plus of course bulk buying in medication from online pharmacies.

17 June 2012, 12:05, (This post was last modified: 17 June 2012, 12:11 by TOF.)
RE: Long term medication

I have a couple suggestions to increase your stock. Ask your GP to double up on your prescrition for a few months so you can build up a stock. The other thing, and I can't understand why folk don't do this rather than take chances with online pharmacies {shudders} ask your GP for a private prescription and pay for it yourself. I've done both over the years and have had no problem.

Also, look in to alternative therapies and as NR said how a lifestyle change could help control your particular illness.

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17 June 2012, 13:38,
RE: Long term medication
Hi Dorset Lad

Yes I take long term meds I always renew before its due, also I use inhalers for asthma and occassionally I do lie and say I have lost them - to get another prescription and have in stock in emergency.

I did ask GP to double up in the event of bank holidays etc so I could have an emergency supply, it was like pulling teeth and only 1 GP agreed to do it once - so you do have to be inventive.

Also there are many meds here that you have to get a prescription where you can simply get over the counter in other countries, particularly the usa. Any family that I have coming over I ask them to bring a supply of inhalers and painkillers so have an extra stock for emergency.

Natural remedy for high blood pressure is garlic - either natural - use VERY large amounts in your food I mean like an entire garlic head or two in every meal or buy high dose garlic pills which you can get from boots like 1000ml dose - also buy low sodium salt, not table salt and of course if you can vary your diet with more fruit and veg etc it will help.

I have never suffered from high blood pressure but my ex did he was on tablets and I got him the garlic pills and blood pressure started it started to go down. I love garlic and I use copious amounts in my food and all my life my blood pressure has been text book 120/80 - it never moves and I am in my 40's - so its worth a try.

I have a cousin coming over from USA in a couple weeks - If you like you can PM me the name of your med and dose and I will ask them if they can get it over the counter for you - if you don't think you can get an extra supply for emergencies from your GP

17 June 2012, 16:24,
RE: Long term medication
try getting your repeat prescriptions a few days earlier each month, build up a supply that way, (whether you need them or not) thats what i did and i've got high blood pressure too.
17 June 2012, 18:49,
RE: Long term medication
For High Blood Pressure you can use Garlic and if you dislike the taste you can buy tasteless capsules. Alternatively, take tincture of Hawthorn berry. Experiment at first. Start with 10 drops and work up to 35 drops if necessary. Hawthorn is the herbalists best heart tonic as well. Kenneth Eames.
19 June 2012, 09:02,
RE: Long term medication
Thanks for the info everyone.
I do use private perscriptions as they are about half the price of NHS. I have also renewed early but the computer does seem to monitor usage as my GP has noticed that I shouldn't be due more at that time. He is fairly accommodating but even so I can only slowly build up a small reserve.
As for other methods, weight loss is not much of an option. I could do with shedding a few pounds but not enough to make any real difference to my BP. One interesting thing is that due to suffering from leg cramps on occations, my GP has reccommended extra salt in my diet despite the high BP.
Prep Chick, if you are away from your home area you can drop into any A&E and say you have left without your inhaler and they will give you one. My wife has done that before and has inhalers in all her bags and first aid kits.
I will look into the Hawthorne Berry idea. I think garlic would have to be a last resort option. I car share with a guy who I strongly suspect takes garlic tablets before work. Strongly suspect some mornings as I bury my face in my scarff!
19 June 2012, 09:55,
RE: Long term medication
would the garlic idea work with wild garlic?
19 June 2012, 10:05,
RE: Long term medication
Next time you are near a big city airport see if they have an international travellers and expeditions medical supplier near by. Just tell enm you are going on an long range expedition and needs extra meds, yup it costs but it could be a life saver. Or you could tell your GP your going to visit Machu Pichu and Tierra del Fuego en route to Tristan Da Cuhna and need extra meds for the journey. He may even do you a private script for about a tenner.

19 June 2012, 14:23,
RE: Long term medication
just discovered antibiotics for humans is the same as the ones for fish, so can get them in pets at home ect! Beats the idea of peeing on the cut as an anasthetic

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