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EDC pants / trousers
4 October 2016, 17:13,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
On this side of the pond Carhartts and Duluth are my EDC. I prefer a non-military appearance and just want to blend in with any agricultural or construction worker. Be "The Gray Man"...

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
4 October 2016, 19:23,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
In my area the universal "blend in" clothing is denim.

Worn by everyone from age two up to 100.

Cargos are out of style completely in the past couple of years and scream "I am a Prepper!" Preppers are the only group still clinging to their use, unless they are camo pattern and it is opening day of hunting season. The universal Prepper costume in my area is cargo pants, tee shirt, ball cap, hiking boots or low cuts. Add a dark colored nylon windbreaker when the chill comes and a surplus parka in cold weather. (How does that compare with what everyone is putting together?)

Carharts/Deluth are only worn by the ag and construction people and they tend to change into something else immediately after work in my area. Most use coveralls over their jeans and tee shirt and stash the coveralls behind the seat of the truck when they leave the job site.

Jeans or bibs scream "I am a construction worker or an accountant, you can't tell which!"

I know that "cotton kills" but it is still the universal wear of the masses and has proven very durable over the centuries. Besides, we only have to worry about cotton and the cold for a part of the year. When cold weather arrives I keep a set of insulated duds in the truck.
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