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29 April 2013, 09:43,
OK..lets say..the SHTF at noon tomorrow, the lights go off and anything electrical stops working,and its NEVER coming back on, the question is: where do you see yourself and what do you see happening in = 6 DAYS, 6 MONTHS, 6 YEARS??
29 April 2013, 11:46, (This post was last modified: 29 April 2013, 11:47 by Metroyeti.)
RE: scenario.
In 6 days I would still be bugged in, collecting water, other supplies and scouting the area. Depending on whats happening I might relocate to a small industrial unit near by. Problem with doing that is I wouldnt be able to take my supplies without being seen.

6months in I would hopefully have food growing and have as many greenhouses as possible set up in a safeplace aswel as making alarge space for growing various crops. Also have water storage and collection system.

6 years is a bloody long time to survive

Wich means everyone left will be tough to have endured living that long or raving mad
29 April 2013, 12:15,
RE: scenario.
6 Days I would be bugged in with my head down and watching. Living off internal stores. Probably have bumped off my next door neighbour for annoying me.

6 Months. Pretty much the same but I would be preparing the outside for water capture. Planting some winter stuff in the greenhouse, and hopefully next doors as well. Will likely have moved over the road and scavanged most of the street.

6 Years. Will have food production going at several locations. Sealed off the street. Have set up comms and would probably be bartering with others. Potentially, depending on situation, will have relocated to be in a house near the woods or by the river.
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29 April 2013, 12:15,
RE: scenario.
6 days bugged in, and scouting.
6 month, either bugged out to the hills, or into a refugee camp/milita
6 years, probably in the new army or mlilita that or dead.
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29 April 2013, 14:03,
RE: scenario.
i've got a note about a survey done amongst the public at the tale end of last year, in America i think following one of their hurricanes or something similar, 55% of the people asked had less than 3 DAYS worth of food in the house, 21% said they would survive for LESS than 1 WEEK, 28% said they would survive for LESS than 2 WEEKS, 75% said they would be DEAD within 2 MONTHS.Sad
29 April 2013, 14:19,
RE: scenario.
6days, i'd be bugged in, but looking to bug out, the biggest problem we'd have is security, things are gonna turn stupid around the 1-2 week mark.

6 weeks, i'd be bugged in, hopefully catch a few bunnies/chicken/sheep and "farm" them, i'd have established a clean supply of water by then (NE scotland is quite handy, you normally don't have to walk too far to find the source of a stream)

6 months, i'd have built a log cabin, complete with fireplace, and the bunnies/chicken/sheep farming could be used for barter when new shoes and clothes are needed.
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29 April 2013, 14:21,
RE: scenario.
6 days: hopefully would have gathered what we can locally from pre-selected areas marked on our map within 2 miles of residence, cacheing supplies in multiple locations in anticipation of need to bug out. keep our heads down, OPSEC crucial.
6 months: If we're lucky enough to have made it, hopefully most of the crazies have killed each other off, and we have come out of hiding, found a new opulent residence the previous owner no longer using, teamed up with a few other families and trying to organize some kind of community
6 years: God willing, maybe have a new local community built and even started schooling for the children.

I live in a hurricane prone area and even here most people don't have enough food to last a week.
29 April 2013, 15:47,
RE: scenario.
6 days much the same as everyone else, bugged in watching and waiting to see peoples next move,... living off stored food and whats in the garden

6 months, I would expect virtually everyone has moved out but us,..unless there are other preppers in the area that I dont know about,...there is simply nothing to keep people here, they will have moved out looking for food,....I would have more food growing in more places than I have now, and would have stolen everything of value to me from other houses

6 years is a harder one to answer, I really cant see a lot of people returning to this area, if they do, then they will have vital survival skills that will be useful,... it would be nice to have a few of the house around here re-occupied so that we end up with not so much a tight group of people, but a network of people covering a wider area, with some sort of links,.. be it radio or something as simple as smoke
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29 April 2013, 16:27,
RE: scenario.
6 days; Finish the planting I already have started, fire up the candles and start on the book shelf to fill the hours I am now wasting on this infernal electronic machine. I am set up with 2,500 gallons of water, food is not a worry. Rotating out security duty with the neighbors.

6 months; Fire up the wood stove, autumn is here. Lay in the harvested veggies. Stretching the supplies with eggs from the hens, fish from the nearby lake, garden stock. The deer will be in rut and the shooting good. Probably need to put some more wood up for curing. The house will be full with the kids and grandkids settled in.

Other neighbors will have their extended families in and there would probably be an extensive farming effort taking place in the empty land surrounding us. The expanding village would probably hold about 150 people in 10-12 family units stretched over a mile of dead end road. Plenty to share the security and farm labor with.

6 years; Probably dead. I have a year of heart meds in stock, would probably make it through a second painful year and then the "big one" would take me out. If everything worked out as planned I would die happy with the kids/grandkids set up for their lifetimes with normal use of the equipment I would leave behind.
29 April 2013, 19:09,
RE: scenario.
6 days - bug-in, set watch schedule with neighbors, set up water-hauling schedule from well one block away, lay out "victory garden" with neighborhood, break out heirloom seeds, buy goat and chickens, clean weapons.

6 months - probably still bugging in, providing medical care to neighbors, canning and dehydrating food, hunters out shooting feral hogs and other game.

6 years - maybe dead, maybe still at 6 month level.
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