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interesting U tube snippet
17 May 2013, 09:31,
interesting U tube snippet
You chaps and chapesses may find this short video from the US quite interesting as it shows how quick people resort to savage behaviour even over a minor localised event like a burst water main
17 May 2013, 12:44,
RE: interesting U tube snippet
Jeez - How can you watch that and not want to stock up? No ifs or buts, its happened to those people. I wonder how many of them stock extra food & water. Not many i bet...
17 May 2013, 14:05,
RE: interesting U tube snippet
That gives you the chills...

17 May 2013, 15:11,
RE: interesting U tube snippet
and just as soon as the crisis is over they will revert to their old habits and have NO stores in their houses......until the next time!!
17 May 2013, 15:57,
RE: interesting U tube snippet
99% of people wont have changed after being caught short. an event like this could happen any were, not having a few extra things in your house is an alien concept to me. This vid did remind me of something I need to get paper plates
"A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have" Thomas Jefferson
17 May 2013, 16:37,
RE: interesting U tube snippet
I never saw such BS reporting in all my days!

One water line in one neighborhood in a city of over a million who have acquired the nickname of Massholes throughout our nation. That behavior is their normal daily activity, not a panic.

A careful look will show that while bottled water and paper plates were stripped from the shelves all other items were in good supply.

If you think that was bad you should see Walmarts all over the nation on Black Friday, the start of our holiday shopping season! Or any grocery after a snow alert has been issued.

It is an urban thing and operates across the board. They do not have preps for the same reason most other urbanites do not have preps, and it is why YOU do not have enough preps in your urban house of apartment, you do not have enough space.

It is the same reason the stores only have a 72 hour inventory too. Urban land is too valuable to use for storage space! It is not a lack of preparing, it is a fact of the marketplace. Even the ones that want to have preps can not correct their unprepared condition because, just like any urban dweller world wide, they do not have the space.

People behave badly in a crisis. It is a fact of human nature and does not forecast imminent financial collapse, riot, mob violence or anything else. Their condition as frightened humans insures their behavior. We all know this and should have come to the realization early in our lives.
17 May 2013, 18:56,
RE: interesting U tube snippet
To me, the message in that clip is perfectly clear. It's not about the event, where it took place or how it compares with other places and times - it's about Joe Public's reaction and the lessons we can learn from it. So I'll be the good Boy Scout I once was in the 'dim and distant' and prepare for my family in the best way I can. That will be, like most in the British Isles, in a urban location. I don't have a ranch, I don't have any land, I don't even own my home - I rent it, but I will prepare, because I refuse to be like those people. Sad

18 May 2013, 17:29,
RE: interesting U tube snippet
Yup be under no illusion how quick things would go tits up in the UK if somthing similar happens.
18 May 2013, 17:35, (This post was last modified: 18 May 2013, 17:36 by bigpaul.)
RE: interesting U tube snippet
(18 May 2013, 17:29)MCavity Wrote: Yup be under no illusion how quick things would go tits up in the UK if somthing similar happens.

yeah, you got that right brother, I remember the Fuel Protests when we were still living in Glastonbury, the filling stations emptied overnight and we had taxi drivers trying to say they were "an essential service"!Big Grin the local Morrisons was empty in 48 hours, bread and milk went first-of course. then of course there was the Autumn riots...that just showed how the human being will revert to his animal predecessors.

we are always 9 meals from anarchy!
18 May 2013, 18:28, (This post was last modified: 18 May 2013, 18:30 by Grumpy Grandpa.)
RE: interesting U tube snippet
(18 May 2013, 17:35)bigpaul Wrote: we are always 9 meals from anarchy!

Lord Cameron of Dillington, I presume...

That was mean to look like the Dr Livingstone thing - but it didn't really... Blush


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