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Strips or sutures?
20 August 2013, 21:57,
RE: Strips or sutures?
I like to use duck tape over a cut I have sealed with glue. It stops infection and no chance of the wound reopening.
21 August 2013, 00:28, (This post was last modified: 21 August 2013, 00:31 by Bonnox.)
RE: Strips or sutures?
(20 August 2013, 21:27)Highlander Wrote:
(20 August 2013, 11:46)Bonnox Wrote: I am quite happy to help out with advice if anyone can suggest anything I would be happy to write a bit about things or suggest reading material etc

We always welcome this kind of advice

advice on setting bones maybe,... there maybe no-one else around to help with the bigger medical problems

Fractures and dislocations basically come into the same category, there are two main problems,

1: blood loss from breaks of major bones ie femur, pelvis
2: neurovascular problems which is problems with the nerves and blood supply getting cut off, this happens when the bone presses against one or the other structure ( nerve/blood vessel)

Things to look out for a the bluish colour of the skin beyond the fracture ie in the fingers if it is a wrist break, don't confuse this with bruising, and pins and needles, both are early sings of compromise.

'Setting' bones can be very difficult, one big problem you have is the muscles contract around the fracture site making pulling it straight difficult if not sometimes impossible, this is why it is mostly done in theatres not only is it painful but when you have an anaesthetic you generally have a muscle relaxant as well. It can be done with things such as entonox or gas and air for simple breaks, we tend to use ketamine in my department.

Reducing a fracture or dislocation on your self would be near impossible unless it was a finger or toe, the basic principle is to provide counter active force to the fracture ie pulling it in opposite directions, this separates the two halves, then it is a matter of trying to get the two ends back into a good alignment as you release the tension, the body is a good thing, breaks don't have to be perfect to heal so as long as you have reduced it enough to allow good blood flow and for the nerves to work then it will heal. Obviously in an ideal world it would be straight Big Grin

The same principle works for arms and legs as long as you provide enough force you can reduce most breaks and dislocations.

The big major problem are dislocated shoulders and hips, they are impossible to put back in the conscious patient, simply banging your shoulder against a wall a
la mel Gibson in lethal weapon, will NOT work it will more than likely result in you breaking a bone.

Unfortunately a broken hip is likely to be a near death sentence for many as without proper traction and splinting or surgery it is unlikely to heal, and if you can't walk and are bed bound post shtf then it isn't a good prognosis

Hope this helps

Also can I recomend something called a SAM splint they are very light weight splints that can be rolled up for your first aid kit, but are invaluable in an emergency trauma first aid kit
21 August 2013, 08:11,
RE: Strips or sutures?
I already have a SAM splint that I take with me when walking the hills,.. what a great bit of kit that is
A major part of survival is invisibility.
21 August 2013, 14:05,
RE: Strips or sutures?
(21 August 2013, 08:11)Highlander Wrote: I already have a SAM splint that I take with me when walking the hills,.. what a great bit of kit that is

Yep can't recommend how good they are, used by ambulance services the military and hospitals kinda says a lotSmile
5 September 2013, 20:32,
RE: Strips or sutures?
I use both on patients. It depends on the wound. If it's a skin tear where there is a flap that can be pulled back into place then I use steri strips. If the cut isn't too deep or long then glue is good. Normal super glue is great and non toxic, just don't get it wet for the first 24 hours. Occasionally you might want to use both to secure a larger wound. Glue first then strips. All bets are off on any joints though.
5 September 2013, 22:16,
RE: Strips or sutures?
Umm. Guess i should have read bonnox post before i wrote mine :-). As for Sam splits, they are good but pricey. Really in the wood all u need is some sticks and something to tie around them. I regularly use folded up magazines to stabilize fo rearm fractures.
22 May 2017, 14:57,
RE: Strips or sutures?
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