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What to expect when the power grid goes down.
1 June 2013, 11:15,
RE: What to expect when the power grid goes down.
The point about India is interesting and maybe highlights a difference in culture and outlook than in the West. I have been to India seven times (so far) and every time I have experienced power cuts no matter where I visited. Some towns lose power for days on end, and in every instance the response of the people was the same. The don't run into the street as if the world has ended, they don't start robbing their neighbours, looting, raping and pillaging. They calmly get out the oil lamps or candles, or a generator if you have one and carry on life just the same.
How different it is for our so called "civilised" societies in the West, where people start to riot and kill each other because the power is off for a few days. The populations of European countries are totally dependent on their Governments to supply all their needs and wants, and when the Government fails to give them what they want they riot like spoilt children. They are living under the illusion that their Governments care about them.
The Indians KNOW their government doesn't give a toss about them and so they are not surprised when they don't deliver on their election promises. They make sure that they themselves take responsibility for their lives and safety of their communities because they know TPTB will not be there to protect you in your hour of need.

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