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Collecting apples
30 August 2013, 20:46,
Collecting apples
Now is the time to start looking for apples around you, soon be cider pressing season, so far in the root cellar we've got about 60 kilos set aside with more coming. Want to get about 200 kilos put away for pressing that should give us 50-60 litres of cider for Christmas.
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30 August 2013, 22:09,
RE: Collecting apples
Im making vinegar with my apples this year.
I will be baking with some and freezing some as they are bramley apples.
Im in the process of going round the area to people with apple tree.
31 August 2013, 11:05,
RE: Collecting apples
I'm looking at collecting acorns soon. Ever heard of a nut wizard? It's a cool rake type thing to pick them up. Can get bigger versions for apples to make collection even easier.
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