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Modular Food Storage
24 September 2013, 21:57,
Modular Food Storage
I was asked by a member here about my modular food preps which I had spoken about. These are based around a 25 Litre Plastic Bucket.

The reason for this was twofold. I had seen people in the US using 5 gallon buckets, some with mylar bags, some without. Filling them up. Some with Wheat, some with rice. My concern about this is that once you open it you have got to use it, or seal it again. If it goes off, or mice attack you’ve lost the lot.

Secondly, my heart and brain goes towards a modular approach so I was thinking along the lines of 1 x 25 litre bucket would hold enough Food only for 1 person for 1 month or 2 people for 2 weeks.

It didn’t quite work out and my first few buckets worked at 1 bucket for 2 people for 1 week. The size of cans was the big problem. I’m going to rethink this. I’ve already thought of a few ways to decrease the size.

This is my first few buckets.

1 Kilo Bag of Porridge Oats or 14 x single bags of Instant Oats
(I also tried alternating each day with Cereals in little boxes)
1 jar of Jam
I Can of Dried Milk Powder
I packet of Dried Whole Egg.
1 Can of Bread (Continental Style)

14 x Museli Type Snack Bars

7 cans of Big Soup
7 Packets Pasta Style dried Meal

14 x Museli Type Snack bars

7 x Cans of Various Protein such as Corned Beef, Beef Lumps, Tuna etc, Chicken
7 x 200g portions of Dried Pasta / Alternate with Dried Potato
(You need Protein and Carbs)
You could also Dehyrdrate some veggies

Tea and Coffee. Can Opener
24 September 2013, 22:12, (This post was last modified: 24 September 2013, 22:22 by Highlander.)
RE: Modular Food Storage
This is how I store my outside preps, I use either food grade buckets that the hotels have used for veg oil,.. and slightly smaller [ oblong ] sheep lick containers,.. both seal very well, and both type stack

I would never just put one food item in them, if I could only get hold of one, then that one would give me a balanced diet,... every bucket has main meal items, [i.e. stew, bean and sausage etc ],.. veg and fruit and afters [ i.e.] sticky toffee pud etc,... and small bottles of water

add to that two large candles, matches, and tin opener

Each container is different, some containers have baby wipes,... I have no idea of how many tins, I have never counted

should add that my buckets are only 15L
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