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simple home defense.
25 August 2018, 03:26,
RE: simple home defense.
(24 August 2018, 17:20)CharlesHarris Wrote:
(24 August 2018, 16:24)Mortblanc Wrote: ...the success of that resistance will be determined by the type and quality of the "improvised weapons", the skill of their use, and the tactics of both defense and offence. When you get down to sharpened hoes, axes and pitchforks it will always boil down to a battle of numbers.
Even cowards can count.

Among the many props that John Brown took with him on an 1857 fund-raising tour across New England was a bowie knife that he allegedly took from a vanquished foe during his “Bleeding Kansas” campaign. While passing through Connecticut, he met with a blacksmith named Charles Blair, who helped him use the knife as a model for a double-edged spear, mounted on a six-foot-long wooden shaft. Brown explained to Blair that such spears, cheap enough to churn out in mass quantities, would be kept by Free State Kansans “in their log cabins” as a last-ditch defense for themselves and their cause.

By the time Blair finished the 950 pikes Brown had ordered, the abolitionist had changed his plan for the crude weaponry. “Give a slave a pike and you make him a man,” Brown explained as he plotted his ill-fated raid on Harpers Ferry, Va., the goal of which was to raise an army of blacks to cripple the institution of slavery.

Brown’s mission at Harpers Ferry failed, of course, and the pikes never made it into the hands of many slaves. But the discovery of the weapons during his capture gave the fearsome looking pikes some degree of threatening celebrity. Edmund Ruffin, one of the most virulent Southern ideologues advocating for secession, acquired several of Brown’s pikes and sent them to the governors of each slave-holding state. He affixed a label to the handles: “Sample of the favors designed for us by our NORTHERN BRETHREN.”

Cache of 700 pikes found at site of Civil train wreck in North Carolina

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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