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oxygen killers
27 January 2014, 01:34,
oxygen killers
I've done my sum's and would like somebody to confirm i'm right, have two thirty litre ring top drum's one filled with rice(approx 32 kilo's) and one filled with dried fusili pasta(approx 13 kilo's) i'm planning to put one 2500cc oxygen killers in the rice and two in the pasta...have i got my sum's right?
Nothing is fool proof for a sufficiently talented fool!!!!
27 January 2014, 19:27,
RE: oxygen killers
If the contents completely fill the container you have the minimum recommended absorbers right.

Personally, I would put two in the rice and three in the pasta just to be on the safe side of the equation.

I think I would stuff a few bottles of spices and a bottle of multi-vitamins in there with that bland and tasteless carb filler.

I like to break those buckets down into weekly modules of food selections rather than all pasta, all rice, all flour... grab a bucket and you have assorted menus for a week...
4 February 2014, 20:51,
RE: oxygen killers
Yes you do have the minimum oxygen absorber sums right. I would add an extra 1000cc to both (or double up - your choice)

However while there is nothing wrong with storing all that lot in two drums

Personally like Mortblanc -I would also have a few grab and go buckets -

I currently have 8 grab an go buckets an emergency - there are stored with my BOB. (2 for each member of the house).

I store in smaller 5" x 7.5" mylar bags - rice, pasta, beans, dehydrated fruit & veg, dehydrated meat, cereal, powdered skimmed milk, sugar, dehydrated potato, oats, museli, crackers, tea, chocolate, sweets then in smaller 3.5" x 4" mylar bags -, cocoa powder and all my seasonsings, salt, chilli, curry, oregano, mixed herbs, cumin, blackpepper, dehydrated garlic, onion, . That way you can make a variety of meals and breakfast from you grab buckets. I can get 17 5 x 7 .5 bags in a 25 litre bucket along with rougly 12 - 3.5 x 4 bags in 1 bucket.

In my BOB I also have number of seasonings in the 3.5 x 4 bags and mixed dehydrated homemade meals int he 5 x 7.5 mylar bags
5 February 2014, 12:29,
RE: oxygen killers
Thanks for the ideas,i,m just laying down some bulk stores quickly and cheaply as its an area I'm deficient in , have put away two pasta and one rice,over 600 portions for less than a hundred quid,i aim to put a bit more variety into my stores now i have a stock to build on,like the idea of mixed buckets.
Nothing is fool proof for a sufficiently talented fool!!!!
8 February 2014, 16:39,
RE: oxygen killers
Yes build up your variety - if the SHTF - your stuck with alot of carb and no protein.

multi-grab buckets are essential I think if you really cannot bug in - you don't have to worry about making a meal as you have a great deal of variety in each one.

If you have to been looking for the smaller bags - check out this UK seller of mylar bags - they currently have a sale on and you can get 50 - of the 5 x 7.5 bags with a tear notch for easy opening for only £7.65 usually £8.50 which a damn good price and 100 for £16.65. Also the smaller ones that I put all my various seasonings in, which is pretty essential you can get 50 - 3.5 x 4 for £7.11 usually £7.90 and 100 for £11.61 usually £12.90 - again they have a tear notch and extremely good quality not thin at all so they can take a good knocking around if you choose to put in your BOB Smile

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