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Thinking Laterally
2 April 2014, 09:57,
Thinking Laterally
Thinking Laterally

Did you ever think 16 terrorists would ever fly four fully laden aircraft on suicide missions to kill as many innocent people as possible?

Did you ever think more terrorists would blow up tube trains and buses in a similar effort to simply kill and maim innocent people

Did you ever think there would be a massive outbreak of Ebola in three countries at the same time with hundreds of casualties and the authorities not knowing where all the potential infected have fled to

Did you ever think Russia would do a land grab of a close allied neighbour? (Georgia and Ukraine)

Did you expect to get up and find a massive 8.4 Quake in Chile when most of the precursor quakes happened thousands of miles north in the US.

Did you ever HONESTLY believe your own government would allow the biggest mass migration of 4 million immigrants into this tiny island in less than 10 years

Did you ever think someone could run down an innocent person with a car then chop his head off in the middle of the day on a London street

Did you ever think there could be a rice and wheat shortage because of weird weather in the same year.

Did you ever think a major gas producing nation would put its prices up by 35% overnight.

Did you ever think a BRITISH government would seriously attempt to make it legal to lock people away for 3 months without charge or access to a lawyer

Did you ever think an EU commissioner would ever seriously suggest making any and all criticism of the EU a criminal offence?

Did you ever consider the risk that half of Somerset could disappear under water for 12 weeks in the 21st Century?

Did you every think the most technologically advanced country on earth (Japan) would see not one but three of its nuclear power plants blow up in their faces.

Did you ever think there could be a shortage of egg laying chickens for small scale breeders

Did you ever think that the country could find itself short of 2.5 million homes

Did you ever think that in little England you would have to be concerned about Scorpions, Malaria, Dengue Fever, or TB in 2014.

Did you ever think much of the southern UK could be encased in ice and suffer extremely cold weather for nearly 3 months

Did you ever think you would need to consider the effects of sand from North Africa could damage your car engine.

Did you ever think there could be such severe weather in the US, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, India, China and Australia AT THE SAME TIME that could create serious shortages of essential foods

Did you ever think you may have to wait up to a month to see a GP and could face having to pay for the appointment when you get it.

Did you ever think the exiting, bright, colourful, cultured capital of the UK would become so unsafe school kids have to go to school in buses with mesh over the windows

Did you ever think some jobsworths would seriously suggest it be made a criminal offence to keep ANY petrol or diesel at home.

Did you ever think that our governments would let the price of electricity and gas nearly double in 6 years the same time they tried to stop imports of AFFORDABLE off grid power systems such as Chinese mono-crystaline PV panels.

All weird, wonderful and surprising stuff which I think in total or part at least re-enforces the need for preppers to

“Think outside the box”,

“Expect the unexpected”

“Understand how the odd event abroad can suddenly impact you directly here in the UK”

Understand how fate likes nothing more than to sneak up and catch you out, it happens to governments daily and that is why it is folly to rely on the state to protect, feed and care for you and your kin even in normal times, it is OUR responsibility to open our minds to ALL or as many options and opinions as you can tolerate, it is our responsibility to learn from each other and to adapt our preps accordingly.

Please consider the effects on other preppers with different personal circumstances / skills, fitness, family size, capability, wealth, motivation, health and location to your own when you discuss and debate threats, issues, answers and alternatives. How you can learn from their different approach and skill base and vice versa.

2 April 2014, 13:46,
RE: Thinking Laterally
i must be cynic cos none of these recent facts shocked or even surprised me!
Nothing is fool proof for a sufficiently talented fool!!!!
2 April 2014, 16:30,
RE: Thinking Laterally
About bloody time NR .....great post !
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
2 April 2014, 16:41,
RE: Thinking Laterally
NR,the first two ( what MMM has described as "facts") in the "terrorists" , I PERSONALLY would have put it .. "did you ever think that the U.S Gov would execute a "false Flag" attack on their own people to justify a war in Iraq ?"
"did you ever think the UK Gov would stage a "false Flag" attack in London for them to justify going to war hand in hand with the U.S into Iraq"
and im not even going to go near the "beheading" incident ! RW
2 April 2014, 16:50,
RE: Thinking Laterally
do you actually believe all this "false flag" stuff RW? don't know about the US but I don't give our Govt that much credence, and as for the beheading I think you insult the poor mans family.....sorry, mate.
2 April 2014, 17:10,
RE: Thinking Laterally
BP, firstly...I would never want to insult anyones family, that whole thing stinks of a set up ...that guy was murdered,thats a real tragedy for him and his family... but theres more to this story if you dig deeper, keeping an open mind..and not the BBCs version.
secondly I truly believe these False flag attacks ...history of the past 100 years has many ..and nearly all serve a purpose to join/start a war ...the truth will get out one day mate .
2 April 2014, 17:14,
RE: Thinking Laterally
I sort of agree with you, I don't know about false flags, but a lot of untruths were told by Tony B.Liar and the then Labour govt including the Dodgy Dossier"!!!

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