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Guides, Notes and Aid Memoirs
6 April 2014, 15:38,
Guides, Notes and Aid Memoirs
Guides, Notes and Aid Memoirs

I’m guessing and hoping nearly every one of us has made themselves notes and guides on their local environment and lists of “How to” tips, I thought we may chat about the sort of documentation we actually have.

Set aside printed pocket guides like the SAS handbooks or the Soldiers pocket book and let us focus on stuff that may be of use to us after TSHTF

For example for bugging in / out I keep a map with all the rail routes and closed rail lines highlighted in yellow,
I have the Nat Grid pylon system highlighted in green, both allow me to walk parallel to the routes thus avoiding ambushes.

My intention if forced to bug in / out is to avoid mainstream roads, lanes, highways etc and leave them to the authorities and sheeple.

I have highlighted every small out of the way Ford, Footbridge, Small Bridge, shallows, tunnel, Pipe Bridge etc crossing the local rivers.
I have highlighted the location of every petrol station, distribution hub and refinery in the area. Plus haulage yards with refuelling facilities.
I have highlight railway refuelling facilities.

I keep a note of selected useful locations where I and my family could rest-over or hide out for a few days
I keep a note of rendezvous locations where family members can go to meet other members.

I keep a note of

Builders Merchants
Gun shops
Food distribution centres
Farm shops
Agricultural merchants
Heavy plant and generator hire companies
Camping shops
Boat Yards
Small Air Fields
Tool shops like Machine Mart etc

I highlight in red to avoid things such as
TA Centres
Army bases
Anything likely to be protected by the nuclear regulatory authority
Police Stations
Government agency offices
Possible choke points like Motorway junctions
Major Airports
Major commuter routes

I keep a map of ALL the Local River and Canal network
I keep a map of ALL the normal cycle routes AND Mountain bike routes
I keep a copy of the local bus numbers, routes and time tables (I obtain routes and time tables of the buses, tubes, metros, trams etc of any city I have to visit)
I keep a map reading

I always get a map / street guide of any city or town I have to travel into, just so I can find my way out again in a hurry.

You can create your own aid memoir over a period of time annotating and noting items and places of particular interest to your own prepping needs.

6 April 2014, 17:49,
RE: Guides, Notes and Aid Memoirs
I have a map of Devon on which I note anything of interest, from rivers to farm shops to builders merchants and the like, I have been doing this for years and its getting quite full up!!Big Grin

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