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Solar Generator
12 May 2014, 19:46,
Solar Generator
Not sure where to put this question, but here goes. I've been quietly drooling over solar generators. My question is, would an EMP affect a solar generator in the same way as another electronic item?? As a solar generator is making electricity from the sun, does it still count as "electronic"?

I don’t want to hear my neighbour but I want to see the smoke of their chimney.
12 May 2014, 21:20,
RE: Solar Generator
Yes EMP will affect any electric circit , but I am no expert on this mary ......someone will be along in a bit....that knows more than me I am sure.
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13 May 2014, 04:52,
RE: Solar Generator
According to NASA the most efficient method of protecting the delicate solar power units they use is to turn them off.

Their equipment is exposed to EMP and CME on a regular basis with none of the shielding effect of the atmosphere to protect it. Some of it has been operating for decades under those conditions.
17 December 2014, 22:04,
RE: Solar Generator
O.K., I'm still circling these things. They sound great, but I just do not understand solar - there seem to be so many bits and pieces to accommodate. Does anyone know a really good site to explain the dammed things to me in basic terms - Solar Generators for Dummies?
I don’t want to hear my neighbour but I want to see the smoke of their chimney.
17 December 2014, 22:12,
RE: Solar Generator
Depending on how much power you are wanting to generate, you could do what I did and just buy a ready made, complete and portable setup:

I went for the 80w model, but they go down to 30w and up as high as 150w in a handy portable waterproof set up. They are also top quality BOSCH panels made in Germany, rather than low quality Chinese imports.

I've just added a couple of 12v leisure batteries and a 240v invertor.
17 December 2014, 22:19,
RE: Solar Generator
Thanks, Dev, but I really am low on understanding this stuff - what is an inverter?
I don’t want to hear my neighbour but I want to see the smoke of their chimney.
17 December 2014, 22:25,
RE: Solar Generator
MaryN: There is a great site called SUK Forum that has the info you need :-)

Nix dis a really good write up a while back. see:

Re Inverter: Its an electronic device that converts one power source to another.... for example 12volts DC ( Direct Current) converted to 240v AC ( alternating current). This example would allow you to use electrical power stored in a 12v battery to run appliances that would usually only run on your house's mains supply.
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17 December 2014, 22:34,
RE: Solar Generator
OK, the solar panels generate a direct current (DC), whereas all of our household appliances etc operate on an Alternating Current (AC).

The solar panels generate electricity and then that is used to charge up the 12v batteries (simple car/leisure batteries), via a solar controller which if you look at the kits I referenced, is all included as part of the kit with the Solar panels.

The invertor therefore takes the 12v DC electricity which is stored in the batteries and then converts it to an 240v AC supply on which you can run your electrical equipment.

This is an invertor and the crocodile clips connect straight onto the battery and then you can plug in your electrical equipment via the 3 pin socket on the invertor:

Leisure battery:

Others may give you a more technical (accurate) interpretation Wink
18 December 2014, 14:28,
RE: Solar Generator
To get back to the OPs original question "would an EMP affect a solar power system"
The answer is "it depends".

Without going into a lot of detail about how EMP actually affects electronics basically if the EMP is 'close/strong' it may damage your solar cell / charging electroics. If its 'weaker / further away' it may only damage equipemnt plugged into the long power distribution lines. A smaller solar system with relatively short calbles that is not connected to the mains stands a better change of surviving.
Some people store solar cells and replacement charger controllers and inverters in a farrady cage.

However the prepper philosophy acknowledges that you can't prepare perfectly for everything.
A solar system that might be vulnerable to some forms of EMP is still a whole lot better under most emergencies than no solar system at all.
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