Poll: Do you think your balance is right?
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Do you think your balance is right?
16 September 2011, 22:58,
Do you think your balance is right?
This comes from the article on getting the balance right.

Is the balance right for you?
Skean Dhude
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin
1 October 2011, 06:58,
RE: Do you think your balance is right?
My balance is certainly not right. I have great stocks of medicines but very small amounts of food to what I will require. Equipment wise I am reasonably equipped. I am now going to concentrate on the food situation. I will probably have to rely on my knowledge of Herbal and Homoeopathic medicines to barter for necessities. That is the situation at present. However, if a survival situation does not happen until December of next year (2012), I should have built up my stock of food and many packets of seeds. The seeds will be Food and Medicinal. Kenneth Eames.
7 June 2012, 12:45,
RE: Do you think your balance is right?
Waaaaayyyyy off balance. Most of my skill-set orientates around staying mobile, field skills essentially, with some low end engineering thrown in.

Seems I've managed along my life to become ready(ish... are we ever really ready?) for the aftermath, but not ready for the event(s).

Opps... lol
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7 June 2012, 13:06,
RE: Do you think your balance is right?
i think we've got the balance about right, got quite a bit of non food items, food isnt 100% full but its about 90% of capacity so maybe a small top up required to finish it all off, but i'm fairly happy with what we've got. OK if we can bug IN but if we had to bug OUT on foot or by bicycle we couldnt carry half of what we've got so far so its fairly academic anyway.
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7 June 2012, 13:51,
RE: Do you think your balance is right?
I'm ok with food, water, communications, bug out kit, but need to substantially increase medical / first aid which always seems to be at the bottom of my list as I'm in rude good health! There seems so much of it to get! Defense needs adding to ... I'm saving up for that BSA Ultra that NR recommended a while back ... oh but I want it NOW! Big Grin
7 June 2012, 15:07,
RE: Do you think your balance is right?
need more of every thing MORE MORE MORESmile
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
7 June 2012, 22:28,
RE: Do you think your balance is right?
My balance is off a bit. Not enough medicine, no preps for farming etc... but I prefer the team approach.
A big part of my prep is people management. I think I am the only one on this forum who thinks that way though. What I feel most peppers see as one of their biggest threats I see as commodities... with the odd threat mixed in.
Anyway, this is my way of handling the balance of skills. Supplies is a different matter though.

7 June 2012, 23:31,
RE: Do you think your balance is right?
Depends on where you are and what you intend to do.

If your intent is stay put and tough it out then there should be no excuses for not being at least 75% ready with equipment , food , water , medicines all on your immediate needs.

If you have to move to an existing prepared / more remote location, and don't fancy running the gauntlet ,as you may look a tempting target for someone , then your immediate needs or bug out kit should be by neccessity quite light...which also shouldn't involve much preparation.

If you are already in a remote area - well done , you're halfway there , if you're not , and intend to reach one , then you should be aiming your prep in the 'get there asap' direction.

Myself - equipment is good , some smaller items still to collect as backups for existing stuff ( stove , small solar panels/charger type item ) kit like that.
Plans - are good too , I know where I'm headed , how I'm getting there , how to reach it by another less travelled route , and what I am doing when I get there.
Food supplies - reasonable , not what I am happy with , but enough for what I intend to do. Water may be an issue - weather dependant.
Medicines - basics only I'm afraid , enough for rough and tumble but not extensive enough to cover every possible bug/infection possible physical trauma.
Trying very hard not to be paranoid.....and it aint getting easier.
8 June 2012, 06:05,
RE: Do you think your balance is right?
I can last a year with food, and have seed stocks for teh following year. Now need weapons and meds, which I am getting from a Canadian Pharmacy. Have been buying some high end knives lately. Next is air rifles, then cross bows, swords and a few throwing knives, which I need to learn to use.
28 September 2016, 15:44,
RE: Do you think your balance is right?
Hell, I've been unbalanced for years... :-p
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