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Hand crank washing machine
3 July 2014, 22:37,
Question  Hand crank washing machine
Has anyone had experience with those hand powered washing machine. The ones where you turn a handle on a barrel to wash clothes.

I was looking at getting one.
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4 July 2014, 00:08,
RE: Hand crank washing machine
I have known several people that trued different versions of the sort. None reported that they got any better results than if they used a 5gal plastic bucket with a plunger handle sticking through a hole in the lid or a simple scrub board.

It is all just some fancy version of beating the clothes on a flat rock.

You soap the clothes up, agitate the dirt out, rinse and wring them out then hang to dry.

In a post-event world I would want to boil the duds during the first scrub to kill lice and vermin.
4 July 2014, 12:54,
RE: Hand crank washing machine
would it be worth it with products on the market like biotex, ie leave to soak.
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