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The Blue-Haired Cougar
24 May 2015, 16:32,
The Blue-Haired Cougar
The Blue-Haired Cougar

My son dumped me off at the “old folks’ home”.
He said it was “for the best”.
Just me, my computer, ham radio rig,
And my blue-tick coon-hound, Tess.

And I remembered the words of a dear old friend,
Who warned me before he passed,
“Watch out for the blue-haired cougars, son -
‘Cause you’ll never stand a chance!”

The odds, I admit, didn’t look too good,
Outnumbered eight to one in here,
Though I felt “Old Tess” would keep me safe,
And bark if a cougar prowled near.

But a Texas blue-haired cougar’s smart,
And one asked me the very next day,
“You don’t mind if I walk your coon-hound, Sir?
With dogs I have a way.”

So Old Tess fell first for that cougar’s charms,
And her “doggie treats” as well,
‘Cause Tess didn’t even bark or growl,
When that cougar rang my bell.

“Wouldn’t you like a glass of wine?”
That cougar asked the next day,
While Tess just sat and wagged her tail,
Those “Milk Bones” had paved the way.

Then a glass of wine, a highball or two,
My days and weeks just flew,
And by then all I could dream about,
Was that cougar with hair of blue.

Now it’s been six months and here we are,
My blue-haired cougar and me,
Along with our blue-tick coon-hound, Tess,
Just as happy as we can be.

So here’s my advice to all old men,
In that “old folks’ home” at last.
Watch out for those blue-haired cougars, boys,
And run, but don’t run too fast!

J.P. – for Mary Elizabeth
May 22, 2015
If at first you don't secede, try, try again!
24 May 2015, 21:19,
RE: The Blue-Haired Cougar
it means something different in the usa......Tongue
Survive the jive (youtube )
25 May 2015, 13:20,
RE: The Blue-Haired Cougar
I think we all know what a "cougar" is, no matter which side of the Atlantic we are. only those with very sheltered lives think its a Puma!!
25 May 2015, 18:30,
RE: The Blue-Haired Cougar
there,s a lot to be said for blue rinse haired ladies , ......Jonas keep your wits about you son ! never turn your back on em !

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