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Vortex Optics
26 July 2015, 19:05, (This post was last modified: 26 July 2015, 19:27 by Scythe13.)
Vortex Optics
Quick edit* getting scope names mixed up with binocs. Scope is MTC Viper, binocs are Vortex. Sorry.

I've had these a little while, and have only gone for the cheaper end of the Vortex spectrum (DiamondBack range) but am so impressed, that I may well be upgrading to a new level of the Viper range, like the Razor's.

I purchased the 10x42 Vortex DiamondBack binoculars, and I am so unbelievably impressed with them!

The angle of view is huge, the clarity on the image is brilliant. These binocs take things to the next level and with a price mark between £100 to £200 for the DiamondBack range, you are getting the equivalent quality of optics well in excess of 3 to 4 times their price.

I'm not going to play around and say they're better than any of the top end optics. So those Carl Ziess or Swarovski lovers, don't worry, you're not under threat. But the Viper optics do offer about 80% of the performance for around 15-20% of the price. For that it is well worth a song and dance. The higher end Vortex stuff apparently provides around 90% performance, but this is only really going to be in play if you're doing proper hunting over a long range, or if you're tracking snipers. For 99% of the UK uses, the Vortex would happily fit the bill.

If you feel your preps are nicely squared away, and you're looking to upgrade your gear, you cannot go wrong with a good pair of Vortex's. Want to know one of the best things about them? No hassle, lifetime guarantee! Wait…no hassle, or no questions? BOTH!!! If you just turn around and say "They done gone broke on me!" Then return them, guess who gets a lovely new pair of shiny binocs? YEAH!!!

If I knew about Vortex years ago, I'd not have bothered gearing up with some cheap stuff to start with. Sometimes you can get away with cheaper gear until you can afford the better stuff, but with the binocs, you might as well go for the better ones when they're available for around £140ish.

I'd highly recommend the 8x42 and the 10x42. Personally, I've only player around with the 8x42 in SGC, but I'm thinking of getting some for the wife. She doesn't hunt, so won't really need better magnification than that.
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26 July 2015, 20:51,
RE: Vortex Optics
MTC scopes are good value, Gary Cooper is a driving force in the company and he knows his stuff. He's also a decent bloke, good to his word and straight talking. Unlike many, he knows his stuff ( ex 2 PARA ).

For Binoculars, I bought an end-of-line model from Hawke in 8x50. These work very well.
26 July 2015, 20:57,
RE: Vortex Optics
I've Vortex optic and they are good value for money. I'm less interested in lifetime guarantees and more reliability but I am very careful with my optics so not sure how robust they are. No problems with the way I treat them is the best I can say.
Skean Dhude
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26 July 2015, 21:32,
RE: Vortex Optics
My nice bino's are Bushnell 8X40 ultra hd's but as work horse cheapies I have praktica compacts in varying sizes(3 off them,cartridge bag/bug out bag and a pair at work) money no object then I'd buy zeiss or Swarovski but sadly it is....optic's are like Hifi's there's a price point where your getting good value and decent performance then beyond that the gain in performance mostly isn't worth the jump in price.
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29 July 2015, 00:12,
RE: Vortex Optics
What is your purpose and expected need for these high quality binoculars?
29 July 2015, 22:29,
RE: Vortex Optics
For me, I like them for loads of different purposes. The main purpose is that on a couple of spots where I shoot rabbits, there are rubbish tips of organic matter, and the rabbits very effectively blend in. With the naked eye (or cheap binocs) unless they move, you can't see them. They are that kind of blending in. So I opted to purchase a more expensive set of binocs. The difference is exceptional. At 50-100 meters, you can actually make out the difference between touch grey wood bark and grey rabbit fur! I kid you not.

They're also great for bird watching, if that's your thing, or for rabbit spotting when out with the dogs. But most binocs would be fine for this.

One of the main things I love about them though, the tough construction and amazing clarity of image. Never before have I had an "AH HA!! Now I get it!", moment, when dealing with higher cost gear. But for optics, well worth it. I'll bring them to the next Dartmoor meet, and everyone else who comes along can have a try and see the difference.
Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism - Thomas Jefferson
Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither - Benjamin Franklin

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