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invisible buildings
14 August 2015, 23:27,
invisible buildings
have any of you seen any of the many invisible buildings poping up around the uk , they are blue then a lighter blue then very light blue at the top often in green belt areas with trees and bushes around the bottom , iv had to find them for work with a post code and they are quite good until your right on top of them.
could we use this idea for prepping
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14 August 2015, 23:59,
Smile  RE: invisible buildings
OK, here it comes....

If they are invisible how do I know I can't see them?

Can you give us a link or a picture?

This sounds like some of the blue razzle camo the navies used back in WW2. It does not sound like it would be effective but in use it is very good.
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15 August 2015, 08:38,
RE: invisible buildings
sorry, don't know what your talking about,more info please.
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15 August 2015, 12:12,
RE: invisible buildings
Got one right next door. I'd add a picture but I can't see it.

I would guess this is just as Montblanc says. Old style camouflage. Still effective against the Mk 10 eyeball but less so against the IR and UV tools we have at our disposal now.

Always worth considering camouflage for anything we do while we want to remain under the radar..
Skean Dhude
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15 August 2015, 19:35, (This post was last modified: 15 August 2015, 19:35 by Mortblanc.)
RE: invisible buildings
How much more camouflaged could one become?

Hell, even most of the cars are the same color!
Don't believe anything until it has been officially denied.

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