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Sting 3B
19 October 2015, 11:04,
Sting 3B
Dammit to hell and back CRKT have taken my favourite boot knife the AG Russell STING AND the Barstewards have taken EVERY MODIFICATION I could possibly dream of or want and made the Sting 3B

The original CRKT Sting is a good tool but could have been better for EDC use esp in civvy togs, but it looks like they have been listening to owners and brought out a slimmed down and grippier version.

But its not for sale in the UK yet , Life is just so bloody unfair. You absolute bunch of bloody shits CRKT Smile
Preppers willingly embrace the benefits of modern technology, but we aint daft enough to rely upon it.
19 October 2015, 22:13,
RE: Sting 3B
Nice. I do like the CRKT stuff. If you email Heinnie Haynes they've been known to do special orders - fairly certain they'd be able to get one in for you.
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